New inflatable PWC tender from Dockitjet

dockitjet 3.7m inflatable PWC tender
Dockitjet 3.7m PWC tender carries up to 6 people
pwc powered inflatable tender
PWC powered Dockitjet Inflatable Tender for all PWC
Portable inflatable tender for pwc
Portable and easy to transport

PWC dockable watercraft have been around for quite some time with Dockitjet having skin in the game since 2007 so its interesting to see their latest innovation with a fully inflatable boat measuring just 3.7m (thats a good 2m shorter than existing Dockitjet models) while still being able to transport 6 people at up to 40km/h. This opens up quite dramatically the use of a personal watercraft to bring the family out for a day on the water, a picnic on the beach or as a tender to a larger boat.

Conveniently, the inflatable boat can be flatpacked and strapped to the rear of a jetski for easy transport out to the water. It’s designed to accommodate any model of jet ski and the docking process is said to take just minutes once inflated.

The inflatable tender also gives the PWC added stability making it near impossible to tip the ski over when connected to the tender so ideal for beginner jet ski riders. Also ideal for off-shore fishing as one can carry considerable amount of extra equipment compared to a standard PWC while fishing. The Dockitjet 3.7m is perfect also for jet ski PWC hire rental business and can connect to any jet ski PWC in minutes creating a great safety bumper up front and down the sides if on-water collision accidents occur.

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outboard motor on pwc tender
Can also be fitted with an outboard motor

Alternatively, the boat can be fitted with an outboard motor for a more traditional means of propulsion.

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