2020 Waverunner lineup released

yamaha FX SVHO Limited 2020
Yamaha’s new flagship FX SVHO Limited for 2020

Good news is the 2020 models are due to arrive in Australia in December, bad news is a slight price rise of between $300-$500 on most models due to the Aussie dollar sliding against the Greenback. Smart buyers may opt to jump on some of the great deals still to be had on 2019 models given there are no technical changes across the range for EX, VX, GP and FX series.

The most obvious change to the range is the big splash of colour especially the yellow/blue combo now brighter than ever across several models.

Several models now have minor name changes with the GP1800R now called the GP1800R SVHO ($22,499 ski only).

The VX-R which was pretty much a GP1800R but with the non-supercharged engine has been renamed the GP1800R HO ($18,399 ski only).

The FX series includes the non supercharged FX HO ($20,499 ski only) and FX HO Cruiser ($21,499 ski only). The Supercharged FX SVHO is up $500 to $24,799, the FX SVHO Cruiser is $25,799 (ski only) and the new flagship is the Supercharged 1.8L FX SVHO Limited in black with blue highlights at a cost of $25,999 (ski only).

The three models in the EX entry level range each get new colour combinations with the budget EX remaining at current pricing $8499 (ski only), the EX-R is $12,599 (ski only), the EX Sport becomes the EX Deluxe at $11,199 (ski only). All EX continue to be powered by the three cylinder 1050cc TR1 engine.

GP1800R HO and GP1800R SVHO
FX Series
EX Series
Yamaha Waverunners 2020 range
Yamaha Waverunners 2020 Range