5 easy steps to get your Jetski Summer ready!

By Matt Elliot @ Projetski.com.au

Get ready to hit the water this summer on your Jetski. But before you do here at Pro Jetski we have put together 5 easy pre season checks to perform so your first trip isn’t a disaster. 

  1. First you just want to remove the seats and have quick visual inspection inside your Jetski. This will allow any fuel vapour that may have built up inside the hull out and fresh air in ready for you engine to consume. Check for any signs fuel leaks inside the hull (strong fuel smell or visible fuel in hull) or any excessive water that needs to be drained. Have good inspection of things like hose clamps and cables for corrosion or breakage and anything that looks out of place.
  2. Next check you battery. Most batteries should hold a charge without being used for about 3 months (depending on quality and weather conditions) but any longer and you will most likely need to remove it and give it a charge. With acid batteries you should check acid levels are topped up to full markings. Place the battery on charge overnight to allow maximum charge. If an overnight charge doesn’t get the battery up to 12.7 Volts it may be time to replace. Most battery shops will be able to do a load test to determine if the battery is up to spec. We have generally seen OEM batteries if maintained correctly last 4-5 years in new skis and aftermarket batteries last 2-4 years. If you are uncertain about your batteries condition or age it’s defiantly time to replace your battery.
  3. Check you Jetski’s fuel condition. Did you know fuel can go off or “go stale” in only 30 days. Fuel naturally degrades and looses combustibility over a period of time due to exposure too oxygen, if a proper fuel stabiliser was not added before storage. You have 2 options here. If there is not a large amount of fuel in your tank (say less than half a tank) and its only between riding seasons (So fuel is not over 6 months old) topping the tank up with fresh fuel will generally get you out of trouble. This option is ultimately up to you the owner but I can assure you that this is what most owners will do. I do recommend taking it a little easier on the first ride out. Alternatively if you decide your fuel is more than 6 months old or you are unable to mix with fresher fuel I strongly recommending draining the fuel tank and replacing it with fresh fuel. Your ski will be much happier for it.
  4. Right… Fresh Fuel, Charged Battery, Nothing unusual under the seat. Time to start up. Connect your ski to the hose flusher as you would for your standard after ride cleaning procedure and run the Jetski for about 2-3 minutes. Keep a close eye on the ski for the first minute make sure correct water pressure is coming from water bypasses (insects love building nest in these blocking them up) and no alarms come on the dash or sound on the buzzer. Initial fire up you may see a puff of smoke come from the ski. This is just a build up of oil, fuel and condensation from sitting for a few months and should clear immediately. While Jetski is running check control cable operations. Does the steering move freely? Does the throttle lever move easily and responsive? Does the reverse engage? Once everything is checked there one last step to go.
  5. Last one, Trailer check.  You’ve just done the perfect pre season once over of your Jetski but it won’t mean much if you can’t make it to the water. Most important is wheel bearings. Have your ski secure on a flat surface and jack up the trailer (the jack out of you car will work) just enough to be able to spin the wheel freely. When you spin your trailer wheel listen and feel for a smooth turning of the wheel. If it sounds crunchy or there is resistance turning the wheel it’s time for new wheels bearings. Make sure to check all the wheels. You will be glad you discovered this at home and not on the side of the highway on a Saturday morning. Also be sure to check your winch strap is not frayed or ripped, the winch handle moves easily and trailer lights are working correctly.  One last tip and something everyone forgets until you’re just about to take your jetski off the trailer at the ramp is the shackle securing the ski with the safety chain. The bolt in the shackle tends to seize on when not being undone for a long period of time. So make sure to free this up and give it a lube so you’re not sitting on the ramp with your ski stuck to the trailer in panic mode. 

A quick run thru of these 5 easy steps should make your start to the Jetski season hassle free so you can enjoy maximum time on the water this summer.

Jetski servicing and repairs are bound to happen, but the quicker they can get fixed, the faster you can get on the water! If you have any questions about when and how to get your Jetski serviced or repaired be sure to contact us at info@projetski.com.au Our fully equipped workshop on the Gold Coast is more than capable to handle any repair you need.

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