NARKE the Electrojet® Official Release

Media Release: After the exclusive Cannes Yachting Festival and the Genoa Boat Show, NARKE the Electrojet® was launched at Europe’s leading luxury event, the Masters of LXRY, held in Amsterdam on 6-10 December 2018. Among the many high-end exhibitors, NARKE is not only a new statement in the world of personal watercrafts, it revolutionizes the way we look at green mobility.

NARKE is a masterpiece of 21st-century naval architecture, its elegant design is combined with a powerful look. Made of carbon fiber and equipped with high-tech electronics, NARKE was designed for maximum endurance and top performance in terms of maneuverability. This brand-new generation of watercrafts sails silently at a speed of 55 km/h and easily tows a wakeboard.

NARKE is equipped with a unique, water cooled electric motor that is matched to the jet propulsion, has a state-of-the-art battery management system and a high brightness color display with phone connectivity for smart functions. NARKE also uses a wireless Man Over Board system that is much more convenient than the standard Lanyard ones. Moreover, for easy low speed maneuvering, every vessel is fitted with an electronic brake and reverse system.

Whether you are out on water alone or with your family and friends, NARKE guarantees 100 percent pleasure and safety, and 0 percent pollutant emissions thanks to its electric drive. You can thus enjoy NARKE on any water, let it be a protected lake or the sea.

Developed and manufactured in Hungary, NARKE is now under series production and can be preordered from February 2019. The first pieces will be handed over as of Spring 2019.

NARKE Specs:

Length: 4,02m
Width: 1,2m
Dry weight: from 375kg
Power: 45kW
Battery capacity: 24kWh
Maximum capacity: 3 person or 225kg
Operating time per charge: up to 1,5h
Charging time: 80% in 2h (with optional fast charger)
Price: from 44,000€

For more information:

Contact person : Ákos Réder