AJSP NSW Watercross Championships Round 1 Results

Overcast conditions that improved throughout the day for the opening round ( 24 Nov 2019 ) of the 2019/2020 Australian Jet Ski Parts NSW Watercross Championships at Rafferty’s Resort on Lake Macquarie.

A good field of entries across Circuit and Enduro for everyone to gauge their speed and preparation for the 5 round NSW series which concludes on the 5th April 2020. Special mention to the half dozen interstate travellers including Brett Douglas, Greg Hack, Paul Bazeley, Kylie Ellmers, Travis and Gary Craft. Great to see a high level of support for the NSW series.

Highlights of the competition included Fawzi Beshay smoking the field in Pro/Am NA Runabout Endurance on his GP1200R, Darryl Apps winning Pro/Am NA Runabout Circuit on his brand new stock VXR. Jett Cavanagh unveiling his brand new Kommander GP1 1500 and 12 year old Pete Krouskos with his first race in Junior Lites Ski after only recently getting his PWC licence.


Pro/Am Naturally Aspirated Runabout
1st Fawzi Beshay 800pts
2nd Raymond Bennett 760pts
3rd Adriel Dupavillon 736pts
4th Matthew Flewitt 720pts
5th Sebouh Bahadourian 352pts

Rookie Limited Runabout
1st Hayden Perks 780pts
2nd Andrew Gordon 748pts
3rd Josh Hill 740pts
4th Jason Mawbey 728pts
5th Kelsy Johnson 708pts
6th Tyler Johnson 704pts
7th Gordon Lee 692pts
8th Josie Cotterel 684pts

Beg/Nov Showroom Stock Runabout
1st Shaun Bailey 760pts
2nd Ashley Deadman 752pts
3rd Travis Craft 740pts
4th Jason Moujally 736pts
5th Sal Kreidie 752pts
6th Sebouh Bahadourian 348pts

Pro/Am GP Runabout
1st Paul Leven 768pts
2nd Kylie Ellmers 760pts
3rd Dany Moujally 760pts
4th Brett Douglas 728pts
5th Theo Van De Pitte 352pts

Fawzi Beshay in Pro/Am NA Runabout Endurance on his GP1200R


Junior Lites Ski
1st Skyy Cavanagh 180pts
2nd Jye Martin 149pts
3rd Bryce Pomery 139pts
4th Chloe Martin 132pts
5th Tamzyn Cavanagh 126pts
6th Pete Krouskos 111pts

Pro/Am Lites Ski
1st Jett Cavanagh 173pts
2nd Tom Aiken 166pts
3rd Brian Colreavy 144pts
4th Scott Hunt 125pts
5th Anthony Murphy 109pts
6th Blair Pomery 99pts
7th Taylor Porter 99pts
8th Ben Giblett 96pts
9th Ryan Hunt 84pts
10th Jimmy Pitsakis 60pts

Pro/Am Veteran Lites Ski
1st Jason Cavanagh 161pts
2nd Doug Porter 144pts
3rd Brian Colreavy 144pts
4th Daniele Porter 136pts
5th Mike King 122pts
6th Shayne Hunt 121pts
7th Andrew Martin 108pts

Pro/Am Stock 1500 Ski
1st Blair Pomery 173pts
2nd Doug Porter 166pts
3rd Tom Aiken 48pts

Pro/Am Naturally Aspirated Runabout
1st Darryl Apps 173pts
2nd Raymond Bennett 156pts
3rd Adriel Dupavillon 130pts
4th Gavin Cox 87pts
5th Matthew Skelly 84pts
6th Greg Hack 53pts
7th Matthew Flewitt 43pts
8th Sebouh Bahadourian 39pts

Beg/Nov Showroom Stock Runabout
1st Jason Moujally 146pts
2nd Nik Pazanin 140pts
3rd Ash Deadman 134pts
4th Sal Kreidie 134pts
5th Shaun Bailey 126pts
6th Ash Kendall 121pts
7th Sebouh Bahadourian 120pts
8th Tyler Johnson 102pts
9th Gary Craft 84pts

Pro/Am Womens Limited Runabout
1st Ash Kendall 60pts
2nd Josie Cotterell 53pts

Pro/Am Limited Runabout
1st Rob Bray 163pts
2nd Paul Bazeley 161pts
3rd Sal Kreidie 154pts
4th Josh Micallef 119pts
5th Ash Kendall 117pts
6th Josh Hill 111pts
7th Theo Van De Pitte 75pts
8th Josie Cotterell 30pts
9th Nick Burns 30pts
10th Matthew Skelly 27pts

Pro/Exp GP Runabout
1st Paul Leven 173pts
2nd Kylie Ellmers 156pts
3rd Cliff Ellmers 144pts
4th Paul Bazeley 139pts
5th Rob Bray 39pts
6th Greg Hack 39pts
7th Matthew Skelly 36pts

Thanks to the NSWPWC for the results, check the website and Facebook to stay up to date.

Next round is 19 Jan 2020 at Chipping Norton.