AJSBA – No Nationals for 2022

The AJSBA is sorry to have to inform all members that there will not be a nationals run again this year.  Unlike the last few years where we could not guarantee that all riders would  be able to move around the country freely.  This year our decision was made based on a few reasons. Firstly due to covid restrictions we did not action any nationals for quite some time into the season. This then put restraints on where we could hold them due to time to get all permits in to council and water authorities in time.  We were hopeful of running nationals in Queensland but this fell through as we could not guarantee accomodation  for all the volunteers let alone all the riders and their pit crews.  A nationals in NSW needed atleast a 6 month turn around with council so if we were to hold nationals it would not happen until well and truly after the race season was over and even into the beginning of the next season (September at the earliest). 

The AJSBA have also been in talks with some major sponsors who are keen to have a good amount of time to help us organise a fantastic nationals. And we are happy to have a promoter help us out.  So we are looking to hold nationals late February 2023.  This give us ample time to organise and having the nationals at this time of year it will attract a lot more international riders, as it will be following Kings Cup and it is off season for them and this will give them some time to ship their skis and make our event event bigger than we could hope for. We are just as disappointed as you are and we have tried very hard to try to make something happen for you.  The AJSBA has decided that as we are not running nationals and that the state clubs have struggled over the course of covid the AJSBA will be helping out each state club financially by providing equipment, in talks with each committee, on what is needed for each club this way giving back to each state and supporting the clubs.