NSWPWC Watercross Overall Pointscore after 5 rounds

Season Points after 5th and final Round


Junior Ski Lites
1st Dean Krouskos 293pts
2nd Bryce Pomery 255pts
3rd Skyy Cavanagh 178pts
4th Blair Pomery 161pts
5th Tamzyn Cavanagh 125pts

Pro/Am Ski Lites
1st Brian Colreavy 245pts
2nd Jett Cavanagh 209pts
3rd Scott Hunt 209pts
4th Ben Giblett 203pts
5th Jai Stewart 196pts
6th Tom Aiken 120pts
7th Jimmy Pitsakis 94pts
8th Mike King 93pts
9th Jason Cavanagh 80pts
10th Beau White 79pts
11th Michael McMillan 69pts
12th Jake Beekman 60pts
13th Michael Stevens 36pts
14th Shayne Hunt 24pts
15th Taylor Porter 24pts
16th Blair Pomery 20pts

Pro/Am Modified Ski
1st Austin OHalloran 235pts
2nd Liam OHalloran 203pts
3rd Kylie Ellmers 120pts
4th Jake Barker 113pts
5th Nacho Guardiola 113pts
6th Jett Cavanagh 99pts
7th Blair Pomery 91pts
8th Tom Aiken 60pts
9th Scott Hunt 53pts
10th Jake Beekman 53pts
11th Byron Lewis 43pts
12th Michael Stevens 39pts
13th James Xuereb 36pts
14th Justin Cooke 33pts
15th Matt Daley 33pts
16th Brian Colreavy 27pts

Pro/Am Recreational Lites
1st Darryl Apps 288pts
2nd Jules Bahadourian 230pts
3rd Matthew Skelly 144pts
4th Greg Hack 139pts
5th Joshua Micallef 60pts
6th Bradley Elbourn 53pts
7th Jason Moujally 53pts
8th Michael Carpenteri 39pts

Pro/Am Naturally Aspirated Runabout
1st Raymond Bennett 255pts
2nd Darryl Apps 231pts
3rd Matthew Sharman 225pts
4th Mark Glew 168pts
5th Jason Moujally 103pts
6th Gavin Cox 75pts
7th Chris Wright 72pts
8th Mark Quitadamo 60pts
9th Joshua Micallef 53pts
10th Brian Colreavy 39pts
11th Greg Hack 33pts

Beg/Nov Showroom Stock Runabout
1st Nik Pazanin 264pts
2nd Rob Bray 259pts
3rd Adam Mourad 247pts
4th Sal Kreidie 208pts
5th Jason Moujally 144pts
6th Ash Deadman 87pts
7th Yianni Emerzidis 36pts
8th Tyler Johnson 33pts

Pro/Am Womens Limited Runabout
1st Ash Kendall 257pts
2nd Jules Bahadourian 250pts
3rd Jenny Harrison 223pts
4th Jess Burns 129pts
5th Irene Vasilas 89pts
6th Rebecca Walker 82pts
7th Carina Henessey 48pts
8th Jess Coman 43pts

Pro/Am Limited Runabout
1st Mark Quitadamo 286pts
2nd Nick Burns 260pts
3rd Sam Kajtezovic 193pts
4th Sebouh Bahadourian 173pts
5th Jordan Heaton 130pts
6th Matthew Skelly 124pts
7th Rob Bray 86pts
8th Theo Van De Pitte 72pts
9th Bailey Cunningham 53pts
10th Paul Leven 53pts
11th Shaun Bailey 48pts
12th Adam Lawn 39pts
13th Sal Kreidie 36pts
14th Stephen Meacham 33pts
15th Sean Berghofer 29pts
16th Greg Hack 29pts
17th Adam Mourad 27pts

Pro/Exp GP Runabout
1st Mark Quitadamo 281pts
2nd Nick Burns 265pts
3rd Paul Leven 230pts
4th Matthew Skelly 187pts
5th Kylie Ellmers 106pts
6th Corey Styles 72pts
7th Cliff Ellmers 67pts
8th Bailey Cunningham 48pts
9th Greg Hack 39pts
10th Mark Glew 39pts


Pro/Am Naturally Aspirated Runabout
1st Nik Pazanin 1910pts
2nd Raymond Bennett 1894pts
3rd Fawzi Beshay 1882pts
4th Matthew Sharman 1462pts
5th Chris Wright 726pts
6th Jason Moujally 718pts
7th Rob Bray 380pts
8th Mark Glew 352pts
9th Gavin Cox 352pts
10th Bradley Elbourn 352pts

Rookie Limited Runabout
1st Alex Boulossa 1910pts
2nd Ash Kendall 1868pts
3rd Andrew Percincula 1530pts
4th Christopher Theo 758pts
5th Stephen Meacham 380pts
6th Tyler Johnson 368pts
7th Liam Tomkins 360pts

Beg/Nov Showroom Stock Runabout
1st Sal Kreidie 1902pts
2nd Adam Mourad 1884pts
3rd Sebouh Bahadourian 1796pts
4th Jason Moujally 1180pts
5th Ash Deadman 736pts
6th Yianni Emerzidis 728pts
7th Jess Coman 714pts
8th Joshua Micallef 352pts
9th Jenny Harrison 348pts

Pro/Am GP Runabout
1st Mark Quitadamo 1938pts
2nd Rob Bray 1876pts
3rd Chinni Rao 1810pts
4th Paul Leven 1780pts
5th Joshua Micallef 1148pts
6th Kylie Ellmers 1066pts
7th Cliff Ellmers 1032pts
8th Theo Van De Pitte 718pts
9th Sean Berghofer 704pts
10th Shaun Bailey 702pts
11th Matthew Skelly 348pts

Congratulations to all the NSW Champions – big thanks to the NSWPWC for all their assistance in this years Watercross Championship.