NSW State Champions 2019

Congratulations to the Top 3 after 5 exciting rounds of the NSWPWC Watercross Series


JUNIOR SKI LITES: Bryce Pomery – Dean Krouskos – Skyy Cavanagh
PRO/AM SKI LITES: Jett Cavanagh – Brian Colreavy – Scott Hunt
PRO/AM MODIFIED SKI: Liam O’Halloran – Austin O’Halloran – Kylie Ellmers
PRO/AM NA RUNABOUT: Darry Apps – Raymond Bennett – Matt Sharman
PRO/AM REC LITES: Jules Bahadourian – Darryl Apps – Matthew Skelly
BEG/NOV SHOWROOM STOCK RUNABOUT: Rob Bray – Nik Pazanin – Adam Mourad (not pictured)
PRO/AM WOMENS LIMITED RUNABOUT: Jules Bahadourian – Ash Kendall – Jenny Harrison
PRO/AM LIMITED RUNABOUT: Nick Burns – Mark Quitadamo – Sam Kajtezovic
PRO/EXP GP RUNABOUT: Nick Burns – Mark Quitadamo – Paul Leven (not pictured)


PRO/AM NA RUNABOUT: Raymond Bennett – Nik Pazinin – Fawzi Beshay
ROOKIE LIMITED RUNABOUT: Ash Kendall – Alex Boulossa – Andrew Percincula
BEG/NOV SHOWROOM STOCK RUNABOUT: Adam Mourad (not pictured) – Sal Kreidie – Seb Bahadourian
PRO/AM GP RUNABOUT: Rob Bray – Mark Quitadamo – Chinni Rao (not pictured)