2021 Yamaha Waverunner, SuperJet pricing announced

Major updates for the VX range and the high performance GP1800R as well as the brand new for 2021 4-stroke Superjet have not seen hefty increases in the 2021 Waverunner range with costs kept between $100 and $500 across the new range. The entry level EX series and top of the range FX series have received colour and trim changes for 2021.

The new, much anticipated 4-stroke SuperJet is priced at $13,999 some $2000 more than the previous generation 2-stroke Superjet in 2018 ($11,999) a not unreasonable price given superior performance and a completely new design.

All prices listed below include GSR but exclude trailer and registration fees.

Model (engine capacity)2021 priceETA
SuperJet (1.0L)$13,999Dec 2020
EX (1.0L)$8499Nov 2020
EX Deluxe (1.0L)$11,299Nov 2020
EXR Performance (1.0L)$12,699Nov 2020
VX Deluxe (1.0L)$15,799Jan 2021
VX Limited (1.0L)$17,199Jan 2021
VX HO Cruiser (1.8L)$17,999Jan 2021
VX HO Limited (1.8L)$19,299Jan 2021
GP1800R HO (1.8L)$18,499Dec 2020
GP1800R SVHO (supercharged 1.8L)$22,999Dec 2020
FX HO (1.8L)$20,599Nov 2020
FX HO Cruiser (1.8L)$21,599Nov 2020
FX SVHO (supercharged 1.8L)$24,999Nov 2020
FX SVHO Cruiser (supercharged 1.8L)$25,999Nov 2020
FX SVHO Limited (supercharged 1.8L)$26,199Nov 2020