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Stupid Question?
Ok, I know I am a girl and everything, but with wave jumping, when I get pounded I swear I come down so hard I am going to split my hull... and have to paddle home very fast so the sharks dont eat me. Can I crack the hull with wave jumping? :confused:
Meggy... Born to Ride :p
Hey Meggy,if you're landing flat then over time there is a chance you could crack your hull,try and get fairly vertical off the face of the wave and land with the tail of the ski down,hope this helps.
blueblood (scott) 0433747955
010 FZS :razz:
08 GP1300R (gone)Sad
06 GP1300R (long gone)
Well, I am still kinda new to it all and am slowly building up confidence in the surf- so will practice practice practice!

Any tips for us scardy cats for when we go airborne so we dont crap our wetsuits for the landing then lol

I always feel as if I will go over the bars :mrgreen:

Thanks Scott Smile
Meggy... Born to Ride :p
Yep,just take your time,don't try and go too big and study what the surf is doing and that confidence will come and when it does you'll stop crapping your wetsuit Big Grin ,if you keep that tail down you'll be sweet,no chance of going over the bars.
blueblood (scott) 0433747955
010 FZS :razz:
08 GP1300R (gone)Sad
06 GP1300R (long gone)
Try & organise to go out with someone that is experienced in wave jumping. Getting someone to give you a few pointers can save some pain & damage to your ski.

I'm sure if you do a post & tell people where & when you ride, someone will help you out. Most of the crew on OZPWC are more than happy to help out.
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Meggy if you push the back of the ski down gently with your legs just before landing
you will most times have a soft landing .
as the back of the ski hits the water push the bars away from you
that will keep your face away from the bars.
i hope this helps ,have fun , start on small waves untill you feel safe .
make sure you avoid waves that are 'cresting', meaning starting to have foam on the top because you WILL go backwards from the wave.

Try hitting the wave straight and just before the 'crest foam' appears. Approach the wave slowly and gradually open up as you reach the top of the wave. After this enjoy the split second silence before hitting the water tail first.

Don't hit the wave sitting down. Use you legs.

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