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Ultra 300x 10 Hour Service
Ok so I will have 10 hours on the ski after next weekend so will be taking it in for a service. What sort of money am I looking at? Just want a ball park so I will know if I am getting ripped off or not?
....this is where you just bend over and say more please, isn't it Wink
$300-$400... For the apprentice to change the oil and scratch your ski trying to do you a favour cleaning it, which it didn't need in the first place. Then get into a nose to nose argument with the manager about getting your paint replaced not resprayed by some mob up the road... all imo tho...
'13 Kawasaki 300x... I had a life, but my Jetski ate it...
Lol thats about what I was expecting. Oh well lets just hope my dealer uses some lube Tongue
Take it to Craig from Wollongong City Jetski. This is probably one of the more important services. If anything is a miss from the factory it will hopefully get found at this service. It's going to cost you a few hundred dollars but you'll have peace of mind that it has been looked at properly. If anything goes wrong, you've at least had a dealer look at it first.

PS: He might know a place where you can get a Grinectomy done too. I know this is a common thing needed also when owning a 300x.

How many 300x's does one wife need!
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Who with a 300x has come back for a 10hr or 25hr service finding anymore then expected the busted rear main and scratched paint work ???

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I was told it's a bad design and to take it up with Kawasaki Australia...
'13 Kawasaki 300x... I had a life, but my Jetski ate it...
Busted rear main what are you talking about?
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I only know of the painted panels right near the seats getting scratched by incorrectly re fitting the front seat.
'13 Kawasaki 300x... I had a life, but my Jetski ate it...
I'm taking the piss in relation to comments of getting lubed up to cop the bill, and damaged paint work. Just asking if anyone's actually had issues at these services with their ski not so much the workmanship carried out.

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