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Body Carnage
Tweaked my foot in a foothold of a standup riding last Tuesday. Rode out of the 180 but couldn't ride anymore after that. Thought it was a bad sprain as it was the same pain that I have felt before but went to get it X-Ray'd anyway.

A few X-Ray's a CT Scan and 3 hours of surgery later, I've got 3 screws and two pins that protrude externally in my foot to fix 7 broken bones, 4 dislocated bones and 4 ligaments have also been fixed back together after snapping.

I'll be off of my feet for 3-4 months and lucky to ride a jetski any time soon.

All of this was a result of me not kicking in properly and only having the front half of my foot inside the foothold, which allowed my heal to rise up snapping my foot basically in half.

The break is called a 'Lisfranc Fracture' and is No Fun!

The image belows shows the process of installation of my new hardware and the bottom right photo is the finished product.


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uʍop ǝpısdn
Ouch! Thats gotta hurt!
Crap, those bones hurt when they break. Been there done that...

Good Luck with the recovery.
'13 Kawasaki 300x... I had a life, but my Jetski ate it...
Oh Bro that's godda hurt what ever planet your from.
Get well soon
Guess the seaworld gig is on hold Sad

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It hurts just looking at the x-rays!! Hope you're on the mend soon Ryano.
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ouch hope you have a speedy recovery
I am available to ride your ski in the meantime as well!
That looks FULL-ON !!!!!
Looks like the doctors were playing a game of; Pick Up Sticks Wink
Wishing you all the BEST for your recovery !!!!

I fractured 2 Metatarsal bones in my right foot when it twisted in the Gunwale. Nowhere near as seriously as yours and that still took months of recovery. So once your mobile again keep gently moving yourself for a stronger speedier recovery.
Wish you well Smile
"If it Swells.......Ride It"
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Nasty. Bloody jet skis! All the best with a speedy recovery. Brings back bad memories of mine last year which wasnt as bad as that. Couldnt agree more with Marchy, I was out for months also. Just dont go getting a blood clot in your leg whilst your resting it!

All the best mate.
All those little bones, ouch.

MAy you have a quick recovery...
A Cheesecake is not a Cheesecake Until Jimmy71 takes u there! Big Grin

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