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New to skis and have some questions
Hi all,
I'm so new to the PWC scene that I don't even own one yet!
I am looking at purchasing my first jet ski in the next month or so and I know I will have to get a second hand ski as my budget isnt overly large ($5000 at most).
I have found a few skis online that have taken my interest but haven't made any enquires about them yet but was just wondering if anyone could give me some main pointers to head me in the right direction of what to look for in particular models and general tips when buying a used jetski.

The models I have found are:
- 2001 Polaris Virage with 145 hours which says has been serviced regularly.
- 1996 SeaDoo GTi 720cc with 'original low hour engine'.

Is one brand more likely to be more reliable/cheaper to maintain the other?
I believe both are two strokes, but I have read on this forum to avoid 2 strokes, why is this?

My uncle has owned two or threes skis in the past and I will hopefully be taking him to have a look at them also.

Thank you for your time,
the Seadoo is getting a bit old now, and if the Polaris is a Di run away, take your time a good one will show up, stay away from the china skis. Where are you located
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If the Seadoo is really original engine low hours it will be stuffed.
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I would look at Kawasaki's and Yamahas personally. I have found them to be a bit more reliable in the older 2-stroke segment.

Do a compression test when you have a look at them...
09 FZR
Having been bitten really badly by buying an older 2 stroke ski,(which I still own ) I would go for a newer 4 stroke ski with a known history.A cheap ski can often turn out to be very expensive ,especially if you have to pay someone to work on it. What ever you buy definitely do a compression test and see it running on the water, not on the trailer as anything will run out of the water but not under load in the water. Both my skis are 2 stroke ,the Yammy had just been rebuilt ,but needed the carbies rebuilt .The Tigershark was cheap and has cost me way more than I care to admit ,but imho is a better ski now everything has beed rebuilt.
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,2003 YAMAHA GP1200
XLT/GP Yami or STX Kawasaki. Look for one with a few hours (150 or more wouldn't be unexpected). Don't go a low hour one. Check when it was last rebuilt. You'll get around 120 out of the Yammie and maybe 200 out of the Kawi. Rebuilds are cheap and easy.
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The best advice anyone here can give is save up, spend a little more and buy a four stroke. But we all start with the two strokes, and learn that you need to spend the money. Ive had two 2 stroke Yamahas and one 2 stroke Seadoo and the Yamahas were far more reliable than the Seadoo which was nothing but trouble. A lot of places wont even service them these days.
I had a 2 stroke seadoo and I got over 300 hours on it before I sold it, while I knew a guy with a Yamaha 2stroke and the ski was rebuilt twice and only has 100 hours on it. I would save a bit more money and buy a 4 stroke if you can.
2006 Yamaha FX160 (DEAD)
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The problem is, even if he increased that price by quite a few thousand, he could end up with a crap 4 stroke (it could be worse). I'd rather a good 2 stroke than a cheap 4 stroke. The cheap 4 strokes are pretty underpowered too (12f for example, you really need a 15f) My 2c anyway.
How many 300x's does one wife need!
CommSys - Business Communication Systems
I do agree you might buy a crap 4 stroke ski also but in my opinion I wouldn't go back to a 2 stroke, but he might be lucky and find a good one.
2006 Yamaha FX160 (DEAD)
Tasmanian Jet Sport Boating Club

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