VJSBA meeting on the 7th of March (Wednesday) @ 7:30pm

Stamford hotel cnr Stud rd and Wellington roads Rowville

This meeting will be the culmination of a few years and many peoples hard volounteer work, and for those who put in and made it possible, a huge thanks from Myself and many others in the VJ, and it is absolutly fantastic that so many of us have stuck together and pushed hard to get this all going again.
What a great team.

More info to follow but If you are interested in putting forward some ideas for the club your more than welcome to rock up and join the meeting,

We do need volunteers on the water and on the ground so if you are interested in any of the below roles it would be great to see you there,

Race Days

Lap Scoring: - We are always looking for a few people who can bring along a comfy chair and watch all the racing whilst having a great time socially.

Marshaling: - Our Marshall's need a hand as well. If you can handle a Ski & would love to hang out, just not keen on the actual racing, your not alone! What better way to enjoy the social side of your sport

email us at admin@vjsba.com or phone one of the committee members.

Committee support: - Mmmm, paperwork. It's not difficult - just time consuming. Many hands can make this easy on race days so if you can carry a clipboard & pen please let us know - It's something we'd all be grateful for.

Scruitineering: - If you've got some mechanical Ski experience & can help us check safety requirements we need you!

Committee: - Every year we hold elections to appoint the committee members for the year. You can see the positions on the front page. If one of these roles appeal to you please nominate at the next elections. The more talented people we have on board the easier it i on all of us, plus the better off our sport is.

Encourage your wives, boy/girl friends Mums & Dads to get involved too. It's a great way for them to learn more & meet others. That way they'll get just as excited as you on race day

Look forward to seeing you there,