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    Default Melbournes boat ramp locations

    Port Phillip Bay
    Rye Boat Ramp
    Safety Beach Boat Ramp
    St. Kilda Boat Ramp
    North Road Boat Ramp
    Altona Boat Harbour
    Werribee Sth Boat Ramps
    Black Rock Boat Ramp - Unaccessable due to water depth
    Mordialloc Boat Ramp
    Patterson River Boat Ramp
    Sorrento Boat Ramp
    Olivers Hill Boat Ramp
    Linley Point Boat Ramp
    Mornington Boat Ramp
    Frankston Boat Ramp

    Western Port
    Blind Bight Boat Ramp
    Yaringa Boat Harbour
    Stony point Boat Ramp
    Corinella Boat Ramp
    Grantville Boat Ramp
    Tooradin Boat Ramp
    Anderson Road Boat Ramp
    Rhyll Boat Ramp
    Flinders Boat Ramp

    East coast:
    Inverloch Boat ramp

    South coast:
    Anglesea , Surf coast

    all above locations (links, information, photos,safety info, warnings, etc) are gathered from web searches off the internet and most up to date fishing and boating forums, Anybody is invited to look over my shoulder but no guarantee of correctness, accuracy or current situation is provided. The same applies to contributions from other authors.
    This is not to be used as a navigation aid but may be handy as inspiration for future rides. SAFETY FIRST! Happy and safe boating
    This is a public forum please don't post anything that should remain private!
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