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    Default Weather Forecast

    You should never leave to go jettin without checking the weather/marine forecast first for the area you plan to ride. Forecasts aren't always perfect but Bureau of Meterology (BOM) proclaims an 80% success rate and it's going to be 80% better than anything you or I could determine so pls use it!

    BOM has also enhanced it's forecasts more recently, including separate forecasts for Port Phillip Bay, Western Port and Gippy Lakes. Also, there is a new computer animated wind direction & speed model for the Bay that is surprisingly accurate and ESSENTIAL viewing before you launch.

    Links I use:

    BOM Marine Forecast -> http://www.bom.gov.au/weather/vic/forecasts.shtml
    Dedicated BOM Marine Weather -> http://www.bom.gov.au/marine/

    Click through the forecast wind map to get to the Bay -> http://www.bom.gov.au/jsp/marine/wind/index.jsp afterwhich you can cycle through the forecast, which is very accurate for next 24hrs, okay for next 2 days and so-so for day 3+

    Seabreeze.com -> http://www.seabreeze.com.au/maps/vic.asp

    Seabreeze is pretty good, but again not always correct. However the 'real-time' readings about the Bay, particularly St.Kilda and Frankston are absolutely accurate. So if you are heading out in those areas you can always check the current forecast.

    And ofcourse don't forget to check tide tables if you're going anywhere that's tidal, or planning to go in/out of The Rip -> http://www.bom.gov.au/oceanography/t.../vic.shtml#map

    Other sites:
    Weatherzone -> http://www.weatherzone.com.au/marine...wzstate&lc=vic

    I enjoyed a coastal navigation course I did a couple months back and am looking for a weather forecast course to do. Will keep you posted when I find one as usually done as one part of a yachting course.

    An important fact I learnt from the coastal navigation course is that wind speed is NOT proportional to wind force ie. if you can handle 5knots, it does not mean that 10knots is double the handling. In fact if 10knots = 1x Force, then 20knots = 4x force and so this is why it is BLOODY hard work cutting through 15+ knot chop. I think it is great to experience different conditions, because you're likely to end up in tough conditions unexpectedly on your return journey one day, but just be mindful that it will take it's toll on your body, and more so if the cold starts setting in. Examples from experience: 2hrs to travel 15km from Martha's Cove back to Mordy Creek VIC in 20+ knot chop, 1.5hrs to travel 20km from Green Cape to Two Fold Bay NSW in 20+ knots ocean swell. Frankly, if you can avoid it then do so! The key to long distance riding is to plan from where you want to arrive, not from where you want to depart (and then always start with tide tables if in a tidal area like Western Port).

    Please post the sites you use for your local area for all to use!
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