Post your cleaning tips & tricks here for all to consider!

Cleaning ski tips:
- Use car wash pressure hose to clean outside of ski (not in the engine bay/hull) after your ride. Also quick spray down of trailer wheels, lights and rear-end of car. Don't use the car wash brushes on your ski, just the high pressure hose.
- Return home and flush ski, afterwhich check oil/coolant after a couple of minutes rest and whilst ski/trailer is level (ie. still hooked to car). Remember: engine on, then hose on, flush, hose off, squirt excess water out, then engine off (for Seadoos anyway).
- Sponge up excess water in footwells and quick chamois.
- Lean upwards to drain water (bungs out). Careful to place brick under tyre so trailer doesn't roll anywhere! Also, not a good idea to fill petrol tank up straight after ride as the weight won't allow you to lean trailer up.
- After air dried and engine is cool (later at night/next day), can use a fine 'mist' setting spray to clean off any salt that has stuck to the engine. Typically this will only occur when riding in choppy conditions. Don't use any water pressure, just mist spray or light running water.
- Lube up all moving parts, throttle body, electric connections, pump etc. I use Inox Lanox as it is lanolin based and advised it won't damage hoses/plastics etc. (whereas CRC, WD40, RP7 might).
- Keep seats off and vertical (pointing downwards) to drain any water out of them overnight.
- Give it a kiss and put it to bed!

I keep back seat/container off, storage bin out, and front seat pried up a little to maintain ventilation.

You can do the whole process very quickly, takes me about 20min all up.

Every 10hrs or so, I lube the throttle body via the lube nipple and give the engine a good clean (ie. take plastic cover off and clean underneath etc.). And every couple of months I polish the ski.