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    Default Jet Sport West Rottnest Ride 2008

    Jet Sport West Rotto Ride 2008

    The weather gods looked down on us with a smile on their face last Sunday……..
    As our group of 67 Personal Water Craft left the Narrows PWC area for a trek to Rottnest Island. 12 nautical miles off the coast of Perth, Western Australia, Rottnest Island is a beautiful nature and marine reserve that is not normally open to PWC riders.

    The 97Km round trip was made possible by a lengthy DPI Maritime Safety approvals process and the successful implementation of a robust Safety & Risk Management Plan, which installed a real sense of teamwork and safety leadership within the group of riders, along with a fair amount of planning from the Social Team of Jet Sport West. Having so many PWC’s together on such an offshore ocean ride set a new record for Australia and it is already being hailed a success by ALL the authorities involved. Paul Jagger Jet Sport West Social Director, said the internet forums are buzzing with chat about how much riders enjoyed the event and how much they looked forward to the next ocean ride.

    The ride was organised into six pods, with each pod having their own lead and tail guide PWC who communicated via VHF marine radios and had very specific responsibilities, plus a back-up buddy system that was initiated amongst the pods. This provided for plenty of safety assurance and although there were a couple of riders that had an ‘unscheduled swim’, Rotto Ride 2008 was incident free. In fact the only injuries reported were occupational hazard related, sore thighs and bottoms the day after.

    The photograph below shows some of the PWC’s travelling through the Fremantle Port, on their way to Rottnest. Being quite an unusual sight in this area and creating so much wash, actually pulled quite a crowd of camera happy spectators.

    The Rottnest Island Authority, DPI Marine Safety and Fremantle Port Authority gave the event the big thumbs up with some detailed positive feedback to Jet Sport West and their participants. All in all it was quite a ride and a lot of the riders said they felt proud to be part of something so special.
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    Paul Jagger
    Jet Sport West Social Director



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