Ive been trying to make a Jetski feasible for spearfishing and as much as love the mew seadoo fish pro, the RRP plus servicing makes it cost prohibitive for me

So I considered another ST3 platform which is after all what drew me too the Fish Pro, stability

So the cheapest model I could find was a 155, a 2012 model for $11k that had just had a service but had 80 hours on it.

Now coming from outboards this seems stupidly low, but seadoo recommend and oil change evey 10 hours

Now if that includes seadoo servicing it, no way is any jetski Viable to me as a fishing platform.

Based on distances covered I am expecting 8 hours a week. Now that's 80 hours in only 10 weeks, flap it.

So what is the possibility of servicing my sea doo myself and how would I get the chip software?

How many hours can a well serviced engine do before a new rebuild is required?

If none of the above is Possible Im better sticking to a RIB or similar. So would appreciate any advice?