Hi Guys
Iíve run into problems after doing a service on my SeadooSpark Trixx. I did last year's service and had no issues.
Iíve removed deck, suck out old oil, replaced spark plugs,oil and oil filter. Sprayed CRC around engine, replaced deck and started. It was a little slow to start (good batterybut more cranking than usual). Then after about 5 seconds, got a beep and checkengine message and I shut it down.
Restarting involved backfire sound though exhaust a coupleof times and pretty much wouldnít start. Maybe it flooded.
Next, clutching at straws I hosed the CRC off a bit because Ithought it might have been across a relay or something. Same result while trying to start. Kicking myself,I realised that I had forgotten to replug the black plug above the middle sparkplug coil that I had to remove to get to the spark plug and now I had hosedwhile the plug was undone. I usedcontact cleaner and compressed air to dry it as best I could through the smallhatch in the hull.
It did start again but same result as the first start withthe beep.
I noticed that the bilge pump is not working properly eithernow which is probably unrelated but worth noting. It has sounded less than perfect for about 6months and maybe has just given up.

Any ideas appreciated.