Ski was working perfectly, but thought I'd do the right thing and get the tank replaced under Hondas recall letter.

Tried it for the first time today and after 100m the engine cut out and temp sensor flashed.

Realised there was no tell tale and manifold was burning hot.

Brought ski up and put hose on, and pulled a few hoses. All good. Manifolds cooled down. Back on water. Over heated same again.

Checked flow under oil cooler, all good.

Is there a one way valve anywhere or something they could have stuffed up? Shop is shut for holidays, so I'm going to have to work out what is going on.

Tried to force water backwards through internal hose that goes to pump intake. Seemed a bit blocked. So removed pump. Seems to flow fine through circular filter. Would like to open it up. But looks like a weird star shaped giant Allen key tool is required?

Ran out of daylight, but suspect there is a one way valve, a junction put on wrong etc. Anyone got a cooling schemeatic?

Bit of a mystery with great cooling flow under hose. Zero cooling on water.


P.S ski is a Honda aquatrax r12x. No water In Hull, so not a split pipe.