Hi Guys,

So yesterday I changed the battery in my 2009 RXT IS. Prior to changing the battery everything was working fine. Obviously as part of changing the battery in these skis, the fuse boxes need to be moved out of the way to allow the battery box to come out.

Now it has a whole bunch of IBR errors.



  • The battery is fully charged and brand new.
  • I have tested the CAN HI and LO wires as per the service manual - all ok
  • I have visually inspected the bottom of the fuse boxes and cannot see any wires dislodged.
  • I have inspected the starter solenoid and everything seems fine. When the battery is fully charged, the ski starts fine (although when the charge is down a little, all I get is a "click" when I press the starter button - making me think the starter solenoid might be on the way out).
  • I have tried putting the old battery back in which did not fix the issue.
  • Oddly enough, this morning I went out after leaving the battery on charge all night, and for the first few minutes, I didn't get the errors, then they came back.
  • Voltage when running is about 14.1
  • Voltage to CAN HI Bus is about 2.6 volts (which is within CAN range)
  • Voltage to CAB LO Bus is about 2.4 volts (which is within CAN range)

So - im stumped. In really quite frustrated as the kids have been waiting all winter for the weather to warm up and we were finally due to head out boxing day.

Any guidance or help you can provide to helping identify the problem would be much appreciated.