Ok, so I’ve got the engine out and the bottom off. Have ordered new seals and the couple and flywheel removal tools. Just waiting on delivery.

Ive read a lot online and I have read my service manual. The manual says to pull the crankshaft completely out to replace the seals but on a forum it says, just put it up enough to get the seals on so the piston rings don’t pop out? True? It looks like if I get the coupler off then I can do the rear seals without moving anything....anywhere. Front seals are look fine.
Is the flywheel holders only job is to get the coupler off? I guess I’ll find that out in due course.

The crank seat was a little pitted so I sanded it out with 320 w/dry as per the manual. I can still feel a very very slight tiny indentation. Does it need to be perfect?

Also where the seals sit in the case, looks like it had damage before from somewhere. What issues may have caused that. Basically, what causes the seals to blow?? To much pressure in the crank case I would think, caused by.... ?worn rings? crank bearings, lack of grease on the inner or failure of the outer seal?

Is the same product that I use for the outer seals, the same product I use for the crank case reassembly? I noticed the crank case was white (Gasket Silicone 1211) and the outer seals were a black silicone and do I use gasket cement for the flywheel gasket?

I’ve bought:
ThreeBond 1211 Gasket Silicone
Gasket cement. Hylomar
Locktite MR 5923
Threadlocker Blue

Haven’t checked with the manual yet regrading which seal goes where, but the seal with the four nipples on it is the outer. Thought that was strange as they are either in wrong or those nipples have no purpose. The seals that are there now are clearly not a factory install due to the average silicone job done. I was thinking they may have been put in wrong.

Any info appreciated as Im a bit newbie to doing the repairs myself. Did the midshaft on both superjets last winter so I’ve got a little more confidence now, while saving myself a packet.