mate i did a pro job on mine. I used acetone , scrapper, adhesive and a stanley knife. The mat that i bought was from AJSP IN Queensland. The back plate i drilled out and just folded the rubber mat under the lip of the tray. The hard part was removing the top rubber sides of the tray , i cut at it with the knife but was careful. Removing the rest of the mat i put a bit of acetone under the rubber and patiently scrapped it off . When all the of the rubber is removed you will find that the tray and sides will be smooth and shiny after using the acetone to remove the old glue , so for the new mat to stick properly use sand paper and rough it up a bit so that the glue sticks nicely. Remember to glue the mat with the adhesive and the tray and then let the glue go tacky before fitting. I would do the sides first then the tray last. Also buy a rubber mallet from bunnings and tap on the rubber to get it to stick to the tray nicely. Don't rush it and you should be ok , it's not a 20 min job . It's more like a two hour job. Have fun.