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    Default superjet matt install help needed

    hey guys just chasing advice on installing a new jettrim matt kit on my 13 superjet. the manufactures instructions say to remove old side matts but say to leave the old matt in the tray on and stick the new one over the top for added comfort. most other installs I have seen say to remove it so just wondering what to do. also as I have never removed or installed matt kits before. when removing the old one from the tray there is the back bumper that it goes under which is pop riveted on do I just cut those out and put new rivets through once the new tray matt is glued in place. any advice would be appreciated as I live in rural qld and don't get to ride with other stand up guys so cant get helpor advice any other way, cheers.

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    mate i did a pro job on mine. I used acetone , scrapper, adhesive and a stanley knife. The mat that i bought was from AJSP IN Queensland. The back plate i drilled out and just folded the rubber mat under the lip of the tray. The hard part was removing the top rubber sides of the tray , i cut at it with the knife but was careful. Removing the rest of the mat i put a bit of acetone under the rubber and patiently scrapped it off . When all the of the rubber is removed you will find that the tray and sides will be smooth and shiny after using the acetone to remove the old glue , so for the new mat to stick properly use sand paper and rough it up a bit so that the glue sticks nicely. Remember to glue the mat with the adhesive and the tray and then let the glue go tacky before fitting. I would do the sides first then the tray last. Also buy a rubber mallet from bunnings and tap on the rubber to get it to stick to the tray nicely. Don't rush it and you should be ok , it's not a 20 min job . It's more like a two hour job. Have fun.



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