I have noticed a very positive "vibe" about vintage class racing.

I loved Junior class. Morgan,Megan, Luke etc, etc, had a great time and some of them went on to be champions.

However, due to the lites rules it became expensive to run a competitive ski. (not going there)

I have a thought.

Junior vintage. Lets face it. Mums and Dads pay for junior racing. You can do a 550 for between $500 to $5000.

Peanuts compared to what has been spent in the past. Affordable, would give good skills seeing that they handle like **** and bring new people into the sport.

Also good bonding times preparing the ski and teaching the youngins valuable life lessons for bugger all outlay.

Jetski racing has become ****ing expensive and beyond the reach of mums and dads.

Thoughts and opinions?