Hi I have a 2009 GTX LTD 255 iS Seadoo. 75 hours on clock.

Now, i am new to jet skis in general, but I am concerned about the performance of my machine. I have noted a few things that don't seem right. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

firstly there is no sport or touring mode for my ski, apparently in 2009 they didn't have this option. Generally it feels very powerful and rides great..

1. Top speed seems to be lacking, I have been told I should easily reach 100kph+ (60mph+) easy on the flat water i can not seem to get past 95kph on flat with 1/2 tank fuel, 75kg rider weight, VTS nose up or down. Speed is off ski speedo, will try using iPhone app next time.

2. From stand still and low speed FULL take offs, it feels like it stays still and revs out like doing a burn out in a car.. for a good 5 seconds before it gets up enough steam to go.. Like its hitting rev limiter if that makes sense. Otherwise when I'm cruising at a decent speed above 30/40kph and full throttle it it picks up steam very rapidly.

3. Sometimes the throttle feels dull and sometimes its super sensitive.. i can be cruising and on normal circumstances pulling the throttle ever so slightly reproduces different effects.. Sometimes it just picks up steam and feels a bit dull, still fast mind you! But sometimes the slightest of finger movements reproduces a RARE thrust that scares the s#*t out of me and feels like it should if that makes sense.

I am just curious to hear peoples thoughts on this and maybe diagnosing any problems if that. I was thinking is the throttle body not right? wear ring maybe? or even the supercharger needs rebuilding?