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Thread: What gps to buy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    Don't by a Garmin They are crap mine will not connect to the computer. I have spent a fortune on maps I cannot access, what a waste of money probably $700 to $800.
    Couldn't possibly be operator error, could it?
    I've run Map 60,Map 62,Map76 and now Map 78 Garmin GPS and never had an issue with uploading, downloading, creating waypoints, tracks and routes with any of them over the past 15 years.
    I still have all but my Map 60 which went for a closer look at the seabed
    I still use Bluecharts today on 3 different computers and laptops either at home or on my boat up and down the Eastern Australian seaboard and all work perfectly.
    So I would tend to think it's your issue not the Garmin product.
    I also have Navionics loaded in my I Pad on the boat, it's also a great product, however the maps are no where near as accurate and detailed as my Garmin Bluecharts.
    As for price, the Bluecharts direct from the US I paid $260 for BlueChart g2 Vision VPC022R back when the AUD was getting you $1.10 USD,so was quite reasonable,and that covers everything from Cape York to Adelaide.

    Just a thought, if your using G2 maps in your GPS, have you also got Home Port from Garmin to allow you to access the maps on your computer?
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