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    Default Townsville area skiiing opportunities?

    Hey there, nooby southerner here making a few tentative enquiries.
    I may have the opportunity to do some work in Townsville for a period of time in early summer (if I elect to take the position - hubby not so keen on me being away), and was wondering what the skiiing opportunities are like around Townsville.
    I'm currently ski-less, a condition I hope to have remedied by then.
    I'll probably be working mainly evenings and nights and weekends, so will be free to explore the area during the day.
    I am also an experienced walker/hammock camper and lightweight cuben tent camper etc
    I've looked on Google maps and there a fair number of river systems close by, plus Ross River Dam, Magnetic Island, Hinchinbrook Is, Palm Is, Orpheus Is etc
    Are these all skiable, or are there too many sharks, crocs and jellyfish? (please don't laugh, I really don't know And yes, I sound like am American tourist too scared to get of the backpacker bus)
    Spiders and snakes I can deal with
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