If anyone's thinking about targeting Marlin each summer on their ski, I've been doing some preparation towards it for what's left of this season; but mainly planning for next season. Managed to score a ride on a 28 foot Bertram yesterday as part of a local game fishing club comp, and spent all day trolling the 18 mile/Banks for 0-0-0. (That means zero strikes, zero hookups, and zero tags). Other boats got one or 2 blacks, and it was interesting to see and hear what they were doing and how they fished for them. Our boat was running a spread of 5 skirts and a teaser.

Relating it all to a PWC, I reckon the best consistent catch method is to find out where your inshore marlin grounds are, (on the sunny coast that seems to be the 8 mile off Mooloolaba), and then drift around with a livey. Other methods are trolling skirts, or garfish at 6 knots. Boats yesterday were hooking decent cobia on livies, so even if there's no marlin around, the chance of something else big down there is good.

It should be pretty easy come next summer to fish around the Blinker and bag out on either spotties or Spanish, then wander out a few more miles and have a crack at billfish.

Anyhow, that's my plan. Something to look forward to whilst tackling snapper during winter!