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    Quote Originally Posted by feral View Post
    so - i have pulled them carbs off and rebuilt them myself (except for one where the needle and seat only arrived today).

    Pitmans had 3 gaskets and 2 needle/seats in stock which helped. I had heaps of trouble getting the third needle and seat (none in aust) but in the end Coast Yamaha found one for me at another dealer (surplus stock network) and had it shipped overnight - i had spent several hours on the phone to parts guys at various dealers prior. My receptionists love getting parts delivered.

    some arseclown with pretty average mechanical skills has messed with the carby's before which didnt help (damaged screws and jet heads) but i have sorted most of it.

    next test for snapperhead mechanical will be to see if i can get it all back together without too many bits left over thant then toe see if it works (or gets traded).

    Thanks for a few suggestions and PM's.
    so I got the xl1200 all back together and sorted (after a bit if stuffing around). Still dismayed about the support in the industry but I got over it.

    then......club marine require an inspection on the Blaster (I insure it mainly for 3rd party piece if mind). Never had one done but seems a but if a nuisance.

    A number of listed "inspectors" but on ring around 95% of them don't do ski's (boats only!)

    finally ring a dealer who will remain nameless - wouldn't have been my choice but limited options - it's only an inspection anyway - yep bring it in?

    wife drops it in - all good, a little off hand

    dealer rings me and in no uncertain terms says can't help it's buggered.

    wtf? It's got a flat battery but it started in the jump pack a couple of weeks ago. Nah it's buggered, needs new engine! Deep scars in the bores - nothing they can do. Engine full of water!

    wtf? I thought this was an inspection? ...... fine i will collect.

    collected, bloke was a bit knowledgable, appeared to assume I had no idea (wasn't even wearing my snapperhead mechanical hat!)

    .....buggered, needs new engine! Deep scars in the bores - nothing they can do. Engine full of water....they'll never insure that.....

    how did you check the bores - "we used a scope"

    I bought a new battery on Saturday, ski turned over fine - went to remove plugs, hard to tell if they were removed -as grease on cap appeared unmarked, but one plug was cracked right through the ceramic (never managed that myself). Top half fell clean off.

    Couldn't start it due to cracked plug but am 100% certain it would have run - will grab some new plugs during week.

    water in the engine? He referred to milk in the barrels - yes there was what appeared to be CRC and moisture on the plugs (and the outside if the plugs had corrosion on them) but I reckon that was mainly from spraying CRC in the gizzards of the air filter as I shut down?

    anyway now I have to decide whether to insure it or "don't bother" as suggested.

    now I acknowledge that it is an old ski ('93!) and the engine bay is stained and grotty (it was blown and salted when I bought ski and replaced motor in 2000). It's also been used in the ocean a fair bit and there is a mix of lanolin oil and CRC on many parts (that's supposed to be a good idea?). The barrels may well be worn (it's a big bore 2 stroke!) but it was running like a rocket when last used in summer

    it's not pretty, some people don't even like the purple and yellow graphics (very 90's) BUT....I am virtually certain that it runs well and doesn't need a new motor.

    maybe it is me that is the clown?

    wtf is is this inspection all about - do all the insurance companies require one?

    to cap it all off the spare wheel has been attached to the trailer with a ratchet strap for at least 2 years - guess what just happened to fall off as I drove out of the dealers and drag behind on the strap smashing my led tail light - probably my fault.
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