I was delighted to attend a Victorian PWC Safety Roundtable this week as a recreational rider representative, delegate of Peter Hunter, to provide PWC safety improvement views to our marine industry associations (Transport Safety Victoria, Parks Victoria, BIA, Water Police, NSW Maritime, PWC Manufacturer representatives). In doing so, I felt it was timely to remind you all of changes to the boating zones and marine handbook, if not previously familiar with them.

Parks Victoria http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/explore/bays-rivers-and-ports

New boating zone map for Port Phillip: http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/__data/ass...rt_phillip.pdf

New boating zone map for Western Port: http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/__data/ass...esternport.pdf

I would encourage all of you to peruse the following information on the internet and/or submit a request for complimentary hardcopy material to be mailed out to you. Or you can call Parks Victoria on 131963 to ask for a free copy.

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the new boating zones for the areas in which you intend to ride. New bouyage markers are being progressively rolled out.

Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) http://www.transportsafety.vic.gov.au/maritime-safety

New Recreational Marine Safety Handbook: http://www.transportsafety.vic.gov.a...afety-handbook

Safe Operation: http://www.transportsafety.vic.gov.a...safe-operation

You will find some good summary info in the Safe Operation section including additional waterway maps for rivers and lakes.

TSV Courtesy Riders will be present this Summer on our waterways and you are required to abide by all marine boating laws and encouraged to become great examples for the wider PWC community! There is no room for anti-social PWC riding behaviour or any form of high risk riding behaviour that endangers any other waterway users including other PWC riders, boats/vessels/kayaks (powered, non-powered), swimmers and the general beach community.

We are blessed with the 5th largest bay in the world, offering some 2,000sqkm of jettin and primarily all you are asked to do is stay 200m away from the shoreline and 50m from vessels, swimmers, piers etc. So put simply, STAY WELL AWAY IF YOU WANT TO PLAY!

And if you stuff up then my Uncle Spiro is coming to get ya, and you don't want to meet Uncle Spiro ... he's big, and mean, and ugly and eats ferrets for breakfast!