NSWPWC Watercross Series – Rd 2 Results

2 December 2018 – Chipping Norton Lakes (Round 2)


Junior Ski Lites
1st Dean Krouskos 180pts
2nd Blair Pomery 154pts
3rd Bryce Pomery 149pts
4th Skyy Cavanagh 129pts
5th Tamzyn Cavanagh 117pts

Pro/Am Ski Lites
1st Tom Aiken 173pts
2nd Jett Cavanagh 161pts
3rd Brian Colreavy 149pts
4th Jai Stewart 122pts
5th Ben Gibblet 114pts
6th Jimmy Pitsakis 112pts
7th Jason Cavanagh 105pts
8th Shayne Hunt 90pts

Pro/Am Modified/Stock 1500 Ski
1st Austin OHalloran 173pts
2nd Scott Hunt 161pts
3rd Liam OHalloran 149pts

Pro/Am Recreational Lites
1st Daryl Apps 173pts
2nd Greg Hack 166pts
3rd Jules Bahadourian 144pts

Pro/Am Naturally Aspirated Runabout
1st Jason Moujally 180pts
2nd Daryl Apps 154pts
3rd Raymond Bennett 149pts
4th Matthew Sharman 134pts

Pro/Am Womens Limited Runabout
1st Jenny Harrison 180pts
2nd Jules Bahadourian 149pts
3rd Carina Hennessy 144pts
4th Ash Kendall 131pts
5th Rebecca Walker 122pts
6th Jess Burns 111pts
7th Irene Vasilas 33pts

Beg/Nov Showroom Stock Runabout
1st Rob Bray 180pts
2nd Nik Pazanin 154pts
3rd Adam Mourad 149pts
4th Sal Kreidie 125pts
5th Ashley Deadman 121pts

Pro/Am Limited Runabout
1st Nick Burns 180pts
2nd Mark Quitadamo 154pts
3rd Shaun Bailey 149pts
4th Sam Kajtezovic 129pts
5th Sebouh Bahadourian 114pts
6th Stephen Meacham 108pts
7th Sean Berghofer 36pts

Pro/Exp GP Runabout
1st Mark Quitadamo 173pts
2nd Nick Burns 161pts
3rd Paul Leven 149pts
4th Cliff Ellmers 43pts
5th Matthew Skelly 39pts



Pro/Am Naturally Aspirated Runabout
1st Nik Pazanin 780pts
2nd Fawzi Beshay 780pts
3rd Raymond Bennett 728pts
4th Jason Moujally 728pts
5th Matthew Sharman 704pts

Rookie Limited Runabout
1st Andrew Percincula 780pts
2nd Stephen Meacham 768pts
3rd Alex Boullosa 748pts
4th Ash Kendall 720pts

Beg/Nov Showroom Stock Runabout
1st Adam Mourad 780pts
2nd Sal Kreidie 760pts
3rd Ashley Deadman 748pts
4th Sebouh Bahadourian 728pts
5th Jess Coman 352pts

Pro/Am GP Runabout
1st Rob Bray 780pts
2nd Mark Quitadamo 768pts
3rd Chinni Rao 740pts
4th Shaun Bailey 712pts
5th Sean Berghofer 360pts
6th Paul Leven 352pts
7th Cliff Ellmers 348pts

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