Massive accident for Quinten Bossche takes him out of the World Finals

From Quinten’s FB page:

Yesterday whilst warming up my ski , ready to do the free practice, i got into a head on colision with another rider …. the impact was big , my ski is severely damaged and so is my left lower leg
Tybia broken in multiple places , ankle joint broken in multiple places šŸ˜­ It is really hard to place this and looking at it in a positive way , but it is the right thing to do !

I would like to thank my sponsors for the continuous support !

My family for standing besides me ā¤ļø

My girlfriend for putting up with me day in and day out , specially this night was a really hard one ā¤ļø

All my friends and fans ! Your support makes me hungry for victory again !!

In about an hour iā€™m going in for a first surgery ,to put some things in place and making it safe for me to travel home to get everything fixed !

Thankyou for the continuous love and support !