AquaX Rd 4 – 18/3/18 Sydney

Another awesome summers day on the 18 March for the 4th round of the six round NSWPWC AquaX series. Great to see continued interest and interstate racers making the trek from Queensland and Victoria to race the series and support the sport. Next round 22 April 2018.

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Pro/Am Recreational Lites Enduro
1st Anthony Di Pietro 800pts
2nd Joshua Micallef 760pts
3rd Cliff Ellmers 736pts
4th Jason Moujally 720pts
5th Justin Cooke 704pts

Pro/Am Naturally Aspirated Enduro
1st Nik Pazanin 800pts
2nd Raymond Bennett 760pts
3rd Matthew Sharman 736pts

Pro/Am Showroom Stock Enduro
1st Danny Moujally 800pts
2nd Phillip Borg 740pts
3rd Sal Kreidie 736pts
4th Zac Lo Presti 380pts

Pro/Am Limited Enduro
1st Mitch Wayt 800pts
2nd Joshua Micalled 760pts
3rd Paul Leven 736pots
4th Travis Trethowan 704pts
5th Matt Tyler 692pts
6th Chinni Rao 360pts
7th Dave Vella 352pts
8th Mark Quitadamo 348pts

Rookie Limited Enduro
1st Robert Bray 800pts
2nd Bruno Gullaci 760pts
3rd Theo Van De Pite 736pts
4th Dave Williams 720pts
5th Kieran Jackson 704pts
6th Sebouh Bahadourian 692pts
7th Jules Bahadourian 684pts
8th Sean Berghofer 348pts

Pro GP Runabout Enduro
1st Mitch Wayt 800pts
2nd Joshua Micallef 760pts
3rd Paul Leven 736pts
4th Kylie Ellmers 700pts
5th Matt Tyler 696pts
6th Chinni Rao 360pts
7th Dave Vella 352pts
8th Mark Quitadamo 348pts

Junior Ski Lites Circuit
1st Blair Pomery 180pts
2nd Austin Ohalloran 145pts
3rd Dean Krouskos 139pts
4th Jai Stewart 134pts
5th Bryce Pomery 131pts
6th Thomas Gentle 108pts

Amateur Limited Runabout Circuit
1st Mark Quitadamo 173pts
2nd Dave Vella 154pts
3rd Nick Burns 151pts
4th Matthew Skelly 134pts
5th Sam Kajtezovic 117pts

Pro/Am Showroom Stock Runabout Circuit
1st Zac Lo Presti 173pts
2nd Jordan Heaton 161pts
3rd Nik Pazanin 149pts
4th Luke James 129pts

Pro/Am Ski Lites Circuit
1st Tom Aiken 180pts
2nd Jett Cavanagh 149pts
3rd Michael McMillan 144pts
4th Brian Colreavy 139pts

Pro/Am Modified Ski Circuit
1st Scott Hunt 173pts
2nd Kylie Ellmers 60pts

Pro/Am Recreational Lites Circuit
1st Cliff Ellmers 180pts
2nd Shaun Bailey 159pts
3rd Justin Cooke 130pts
4th Matthew Skelly 130pts
5th Jason Moujally 130pts

Pro Limited Runabout Circuit
1st Nick Burns 180pts
2nd Mitch Wayt 159pts

Pro GP Runabout Circuit
1st Kylie Ellmers 168pts
2nd Paul Leven 156 pts
3rd Nick Burns 154pts
4th Mitch Wayt 134pts