AquaX Rd 2 Report, Gallery and Results

Another great AquaX round in Sydney on the 21 Jan 2018 with a bumper turnout and a stack of interstate entries swelling the field. Was especially good for us locals to see 3 world class riders battling it out at round 2 of the New South Wales Personal Watercraft Association AquaX. Two Australian Pro Mod Ski Champions in Joel Barry and Jake Barker and Multiple World Champion Kylie Ellmers. The latter has plenty of experience racing the Womens GP division of the Aquabike Series overseas but both Barry and Barker are relative newcomers to the wickedly fast standups with Joel aboard the Newcastle Jet Ski Centre SXR1500 for the first time since the Aussie Titles last year and Jake on the Sea-Doo Centre SXR1500 for the very first time and splitting the wins between them, Jake’s win in the final heat was especially impressive given his lack of ride time but boy did he get faster as the day progressed! Congrats to Joel on taking the round win.

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Joel Barry on the Newcastle Jet Ski Centre SXR1500

First time out for Queenslander Bailey Cunningham in Pro GP Runabout on the ex Brett Douglas RXPX and he immediately showed he’s come to grips with the power and handling of the GP skis running away to win all heats, apart from the one he broke down in. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the real test of speed and racecraft against the reigning Australian PRO GP Champion Paul Leven. Battling fatigue from a chest infection Paul withdrew from the days competition after getting pitched in the first Enduro moto.

Bailey Cunningham in Pro GP Runabout

Also getting pitched in the Enduro was Sea-Doo Centre boss Les Cooke on a brand new RXPX300 after breaking the steering column, lucky not to get hit by Chinni Rao on his Kawasaki 310x who was right behind him going into the northern turn buoy. As it turned out, it was Chinni who ended up the worse for wear with a broken rib from catching the handlebar in the crash.

Anthony Di Pietro in ProAm Rec Lites Endurance

Endurance winners were Diptech chief Anthony Di Pietro in ProAm Rec Lites, Dave Helleman in Rookie Ltd, Zac Lo Presti in Showroom Stock and Mitch Wayt who won Limited and GP endurance.

Cliff Ellmers in ProAm Rec Lites

Good entries across circuit too with Rec Lites again attracting the highest number and Melbourne’s Cliff Ellmers taking the overall. A collision in the final heat with Shaun Bailey and Joshua Micallef resulted in Shaun going off to hospital but all cleared with bruising and water injestion. Unfortunately the final Endurance race was cancelled due to safety concerns following the accident with the Bay blowing up as usual.

Blair Pomery in Junior Ski

Junior Lites Ski had 5 runners with Dean Krouskos back in the mix again after a brief period away from racing but Blair Pomery dominated in some good battles with Austin O’Halloran with Krouskos on the podium too in third.

Jordan Heaton in ProAm Showroom Stock

ProAm Showroom Stock was hard fought with Irene Vasilas fighting up the front with Jordan Heaton, Zac Lo Presti and Nik Pazanin in several heats with Jordan taking the overall and in ProAm Limited Runabout Mitch Wayt was #1.

Tom Aiken in ProAm Ski Lites

Pro Am Ski Lites as the usual battle between Tom Aiken and Jett Cavanagh with Tom victorious in the end. Great to see the veteran Michael McMillan in third overall.

Another great job by the NSWPWC Committee and helpers, scorers and marshall craft volunteers. Congrats to all and look forward to round 3 on the 18 Feb 2018 again back at the St George Sailing Club.

RESULTS – Rd 2 New South Wales Personal Watercraft Association AquaX Series (21 Jan 2018)

Pro/Am Rec Lites Endurance
1st Anthony Di Pietro 400pts
2nd Jason Moujally 380pts
3rd David Karabulut 368pts
4th Cliff Ellmers 369pts
5th Matthew Skelly 352pts

Rookie Limited Endurance
1st Dave Helleman 400pts
2nd Sean Berghofer 380pts
3rd Robert Bray 368pts
4th Bradley Phillips 360pts
5th Bruno Gullaci 352pts
6th Manuel Vassallo 348pts
7th Sebouh Bahadourian 344pts
8th Matthew Mackendry 340pts

Pro/Am Showroom Stock Endurance
1st Zac Lo Presti 400pts
2nd Phillip Borg 380pts
3rd Kylie Ellmers 368pts
4th Scott Gibbens 360pts
5th Sal Kreidie 352pts

Pro/Am Limited Endurance
1st Mitch Wayt 400pts
2nd Joshua Micallef 380pts
3rd Ashley Deadman 368pts
4th Matt Tyler 360pts
5th Paul Leven 352pts
6th David Vella 348pts
7th Chinni Rao 344pts
8th Leslie Cooke 340pts

Pro/Am GP Endurance
1st Mitch Wayt 400pts
2nd Joshua Micallef 380pts
3rd Matt Tyler 368pts
4th Kylie Ellmers 360pts
5th Paul Leven 352pts
6th Nik Pazanin 348pts
7th Chinni Rao 344pts
8th Leslie Cooke 340pts

Junior Ski Lites Circuit
1st Blair Pomery 180pts
2nd Austin Ohalloran 149pts
3rd Dean Krouskos 145pts
4th Jai Stewart 134pts
5th Bryce Pomery 121pts

Amateur Limited Circuit
1st Matthew Skelly 173pts
2nd Nick Burns 161pts
3rd Ashley Deadman 144pts
4th Sam Kajtezovic 134pts

Pro/Am Showroom Stock Circuit
1st Jordan Heaton 173pts
2nd Zac Lo Presti 161pts
3rd Nik Pazanin 140pts
4th Irene Vasilas 134pts
5th Luke James 121pts

Pro/Am Ski Lites Circuit
1st Tom Aiken 173pts
2nd Jett Cavanagh 166pts
3rd Michael McMillan 144pts
4th Mitch Boulden 86pts

Rec Lites Circuit
1st Cliff Ellmers 163pts
2nd Scott Phillips 149pts
3rd Joshua Micallef 139pts
4th Rob White 135pts
5th David Karabulut 126pts
6th Shaun Bailey 86pts
7th Richard Holmes
8th Stuart Ridgwell 30pts

Pro/Am Ski Modified Circuit
1st Joel Barry 173pts
2nd Jake Barker 166pts
3rd Kylie Ellmers 139pts
4th Mitch Masterton 130pts
5th Scott Hunt 121pts

Pro/Am Limited Runabout Circuit
1st Mitch Wayt 180pts
2nd Nick Burns 159pts

Pro GP Runabout Circuit
1st Bailey Cunningham 163pts
2nd Kylie Ellmers 159pts
3rd Mitch Wayt 156pts
4th Nick Burns 130pts
5th Paul Leven 53pts

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