2018 Shoalhaven River Festival

Fun day of competition for the New South Wales Personal Watercraft Association at the annual Shoalhaven River Festival at Nowra. With thanks to Macey Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd for sponsoring the event with prizemoney!

Shoalhaven River Festival Results – thanks to New South Wales Personal Watercraft Association
Junior Ski Lites
1st Blair Pomery 226pts
2nd Dean Krouskos 226pts
3rd Bryce Pomery 183pts
4th Skyy Cavanagh 177pts
5th Tamzyn Cavanagh 160pts

Pro/Am Ski Lites
1st Tom Aiken 240pts
2nd Jett Cavanagh 207pts
3rd Brian Colreavy 197pts
4th Ben Giblett 168pts
5th Jai Stewart 160pts

Pro/Am Ski Modified
1st Tom Aiken 240pts
2nd Jett Cavanagh 202pts
3rd Austin Ohalloran 192pts
4th Liam Ohalloran 172pts
5th Justin Cooke 156pts

Pro/Am Recreational Lites Runabout
1st Daryl Apps 226pts
2nd Shaun Bailey 216pts
3rd Justin Cooke 197pts
4th Seb Bahadourian 168pts
5th Dean Jefferies 87pts

Pro/Am Naturally Aspirated Runabout
1st Jason Moujally 221pts
2nd Daryl Apps 207pts
3rd Shaun Bailey 202pts
4th Matthew Sharman 182pts
5th Shaun Sandilands 160pts

Pro/Am Stock Runabout
1st Zac Lo Presti 233pts
2nd Matthew Skelly 204pts
3rd Nik Pazanin 202pts
4th Seb Bahadourian 177pts
5th Liam Tomkins 156pts
6th Jess Coman 108pts

Pro/Exp GP Runabout
1st Mark Quitadamo 228pts
2nd Matthew Skelly 209pts
3rd Zac Lo Presti 207pts