2018 NSWPWC AquaX Championship Overall Results and Report

Wow what a season that was, a full six rounds of AquaX jam packed with local, state and interstate racers. Rookies, national and world champions all supporting the NSWPWC club series across the 7 months from November to May. Masssive effort from the big travellers Queenslanders Mitch Wayt, Brett Douglas, Matt Brunt, Paul Mullens, Rob White, Stuart Ridgewell, Bailey Cunningham, Aaron Moyle and Victorians Kylie Ellmers, Cliff Ellmers, Justin Cooke, Les Cooke, Anthony Di Pietro, Dave Vella, Bruno Galluci, Josh Micallef and Zac Lo Presti.

Entries were pretty evenly matched across Enduro and Circuit with close to 140 racers who competed in at least one round.


Naturally Aspirated Enduro AquaX Champion – Nik Pazanin

Naturally Aspirated was a new class for 2018 and needs some more entrants to build it up with only a handful of combatants at the moment it eventually came down to a battle between Nik Pazanin and newcomer Raymond Bennett with Matthew Sharman joining the fun at round 3 on his STX15F. Good to see the final race decide the winner with Pazanin taking the honours with a final victory and 3 wins from the series and only 20 points separating the top 2 (1960 to 1940).

Rookie Limited Enduro AquaX Champion – Bruno Galluci

Rookie Limited was very well supported and a great class for the newcomers and beginners. 19 racers tried their hand in at least one round of the series but it became a battle of 7 regulars at with Victorian Diptech Team rider and Bruno Galluci taking the series win ahead of mr consistent Seb Bahoudarian and Rob Bray, a late starter but one to watch with 3 wins from the last 3 rounds.

Pro/Am Limited Enduro AquaX Champion – Mitch Wayt

Pro/Am Limited saw 15 riders in total but 7 regulars in a hotly contested class with very close points but the standout rider was the highly experienced multiple Australian enduro champ Mitch Wayt who took the first 4 wins and played the points game to bag the Championship title with strategic finishes in the last 2 rounds. Fast Victorians Josh Micallef and Dave Vella campaigned hard with Vella taking the last 2 round wins but not enough points in the bag to knock Micallef from second spot.

Rec Lites Enduro AquaX Champion – Anthony di Pietro

Rec Lites Enduro was a new class for the NSWPWC club and was a belter right from the get go and racing couldn’t have been closer. The round wins were shared between Anthony di Peitro (2 wins) Yamaha EX, Cliff Ellmers (1) SPARK and Josh Micallef (3) Yamaha EX but consistency paid off for Di Pietro with the Diptech Team boss bagging either wins or second placings to take out the Championship title ahead of fellow Victorian Ellmers and local youngster Jason Moujally (SPARK) from Dans Jetpower riding strong into third overall.

Showroom Stock Enduro AquaX Champion – Zac Lo Presti

Showroom Stock had 9 runners who made at least one round but a regular contingent that included Victorian Zac Lo Presti, Phillip Borg and Sal Kreidie ended up at the pointy end with Lo Presti dominating with 5 wins to win the title ahead of Borg and Kreidie.

Pro GP Enduro AquaX Champion – Mitch Wayt

Pro GP Enduro boasted multiple standup/runabout World Champion Kylie Ellmers and 2 National Champions in Paul Leven and Mitch Wayt to make it a real premier class battle that Wayt ended up dominating with 4 wins, cementing his position as Australia’s premier endurance competitor and the man to beat on his Sydney Watercraft Yamaha FXHO. Australia’s national GP Circuit champion Paul Leven had a shocker of a season battling a long running health issue that plagued him throughout the whole series, leading to several retirements due to fatigue. Good news is that he back on the mend and should be 100% for the upcoming Nationals in June. Dave Vella was the surprise in this class jumping on the Diptech GP1800 400 and joining the class in the last 3 rounds and bagging wins in 2. Definitely one to watch at the Nationals in this super competitive class.


Junior Lites Circuit AquaX Champion – Austin O’Halloran

Junior Lites Ski continues to gain support with 6 up and coming youngsters giving it their all in each and every round. Blair Pomery turned on the pressure from the start with win after win to take the first 4 rounds with Austin O’Halloran and Dean Krouskos sharing a win each in the last 2 rounds but with Pomery absent from round 5 the points lead fell to the consistent O’Halloran who took the title ahead of Pomery and rapidly improving Krouskos who continues to show glimpses of very talented riding and a super competitive spirit.

Lites Ski Circuit AquaX Champion – Jett Cavanagh

Lites Ski was pretty much the continued competitive duel between good friends Jett Cavanagh and Tom Aiken that we’ve become accustomed to but 2 no shows for Aiken in rounds 3 and 5 bulldozed his chance at the title even though he bagged 4 wins. Veteran campaigner Mike McMillan took his 4 third places to a well deserved third overall.

Amateur Limited Circuit AquaX Champion – Nick Burns

Amateur Limited was a new class running for the first time and 12 entrants completed at least 1 round. Make no mistake this class was cutthroat and fast, the pace astounding and all competitors showed a lot of skill but in the end after all 6 rounds it was the #164 of Nick Burns (300 points) standing atop the podium in the final round to take the title by just 7 points from the fastest man on the track Mark Quitadamo (293) who even though he bagged 4 wins along the way simply couldn’t bridge the gap following the points he lost by missing round 2. Matthew Skelly (280) was not far behind in third. Good to see 2 committee members of the NSWPWC club in the top 3 here with Quitadamo and Skelly picking up trophies.

Rec Lites Circuit AquaX Champion – Cliff Ellmers

Rec Lites had 15 runners over the 6 rounds with Queenslander Bailey Cunningham the first winner before shoulder surgery ruled him out of contention. Local Dans Jetpower rider Shaun Bailey stepped it up and must be lamenting the crash in round 2 that saw him off to hospital and last place points that cost him dearly with the 3 wins and 2 runner up finishes in the remaining rounds placing him just 5 points shy of eventual victor Cliff Ellmers (Sea-Doo Centre SPARK and 2 wins). A great class to watch with very close racing amongst a handful of fast chargers. Championship went to Ellmers with Shaun Bailey in second and Matthew Skelly in third.

Showroom Stock Circuit AquaX Champion – Zac Lo Presti

Showroom Stock was incredibly competitive with 3 different winners over the 6 rounds from 10 runners. No could bust open the points lead till the final round saw Lo Presti (2 wins) take the Championship by just 9 points from late charger Nik Pazanin (2 wins) and Jordan Heaton (2 wins) in third.

Pro Limited CIrcuit AquaX Champion – Mitch Wayt

Pro Limited was a two way battle between Mitch Wayt and Nick Burns who shared the wins although Queenslander Brett Douglas made them suffer a little knock to the confidence with his appearance and a win in round 5. Wayt took the title by just 26 points from Burns and Douglas in third.

Modified Ski Circuit AquaX Champion – Kylie Ellmers

Modified Ski had a stacked line up of the fastest riders from all around Australia. Coming from WA, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD all had a crack in at least one round but the perennial campaigner, the fast woman of ski and multiple World Champion Kylie Ellmers was also the most consistent and with 2 wins and never off the podium in the other 4 rounds the title was hers for the taking. Ex National Champions Jake Barker and Joel Barry and the exceptionally fast West Australian youngster Byron Lewis kept her honest as did Tom Aiken but the title was hers for the taking with Scott Hunt in second and Aiken in third.

Pro GP Runabout Circuit AquaX Champion – Kylie Ellmers

Pro GP Runabout turned into a 4 way battle between the fastest names in Australia with the class a who’s who of top Australian and world class talent in Kylie Ellmers, Paul Leven, Mitch Wayt and James Masterton. New to the premier class Bailey Cunningham took a win but switched to competing in the Queensland QPWC series. Nick Burns and Matt Brunt jumped into the mix to keep them honest but at the end of the day it was Ellmers to lose with Leven hampered throughout the series with his ongoing health issue and unable to ride to his usual high standards. So Kylie adds another Championship win with Leven second and Nick Burns getting faster at each round to take out third overall.

OVERALL Season Points following 6 rounds of AquaX Competition


Rookie Limited Enduro
1st Bruno Gullazi 2200pts
2nd Seb Bahadourian 2092pts
3rd Rob Bray 1948pts
4th Dave Hellemans 1876pts
5th Sean Berghofer 1488pts
6th Jules Bahadourian 1348pts
7th Manuel Vassalo 1044pts
8th Aaron Moyle 380pts
9th Adam Maroud 380pts
10th Theo Vande Pitte 368pts
11th Ray Itaoui 368pts
12th Brad Phillips 360pts
13th Dave Williams 360pts
14th Kieran Jackson 352pts
15th Sheldon Drummond 352pts
16th Mark Vella 352pts
17th Sal Kreidie 348pts
18th Matthew Mackendry 340pts
19th Luke Nyguen 340pts

Pro/Am Naturally Aspirated Enduro
1st Nik Pazanin 1960pts
2nd Raymond Bennett 1940pts
3rd Matthew Sharman 1472pts
4th Daniel Bell 368pts

Pro/Am Rec Lites Enduro
1st Anthony Di Pietro 2320pts
2nd Cliff Ellmers 2224pts
3rd Jason Moujally 1828pts
4th Josh Micallef 1580pts
5th Justin Cooke 1056pts
6th David Karabulut 720pts
7th Matthew Skelly 704pts
8th Shaun Bailey 368pts
9th Bailey Cunningham 360pts
10th Stuart Ridgwell 348pts

Pro/Am Showroom Stock Enduro
1st Zac Lo Presti 2360pts
2nd Phillip Borg 2244pts
3rd Sal Kreidie 1840pts
4th Danny Moujally 400pts
5th Paul Mullens 380pts
6th Kylie Ellmers 368pts
7th Kieran Jackson 368pts
8th Jordan Heaton 360pts
10th Scott Gibbens 360pts

Pro/Am Limited Enduro
1st Mitch Wayt 2336pts
2nd Josh Micallef 2248pts
3rd Dave Vella 2212pts
4th Matt Tyler 2122pts
5th Chinni Rao 1772pts
6th Paul Leven 1772pts
7th Travis Trethowan 720pts
8th Ash Deadman 708pts
9th Mark Quitadamo 700pts
10th Les Cooke 676pts
11th Brett Douglas 360pts
12th Adam Wilden 352pts
13th Sam Kajtezovic 344pts
14th Adam Mourad 344pts

Pro GP Runabout Enduro
1st Mitch Wayt 2336pts
2nd Paul Leven 2160pts
3rd Kylie Ellmers 2152pts
4th Josh Micallef 1864pts
5th Chinni Rao 1772pts
6th Matt Tyler 1768pts
7th Dave Vella 1144pts
8th Mark Quitadamo 708pts
9th Les Cooke 692pts
10th Danny Moujally 352pts
11th Paulo Lorenzutta 348pts
12th Nik Pazanin 348pts


Junior Ski Lites Circuit
1st Austin Ohalloran 325pts
2nd Blair Pomery 293pts
3rd Dean Krouskos 247pts
4th Bryce Pomery 217pts
5th Jai Stewart 207pts
6th Thomas Gentle 72pts

Pro/Am Lites Ski Circuit
1st Jett Cavanagh 332pts
2nd Tom Aiken 240pts
3rd Michael McMillan 192pts
4th Brian Colreavy 144pts
5th Michael Stevens 53pts
6th Adam Bitic 48pts
7th Blair Pomery 43pts
8th Mitch Boulden 43pts
9th Daniel Offord 43pts
10th Ben Giblett 43pts

Pro/Am Rec Lites Circuit
1st Cliff Ellmers 327pts
2nd Shaun Bailey 322pts
3rd Matthew Skelly 192pts
4th Jason Moujally 173pts
5th Justin Cooke 144pts
6th Josh Micallef 87pts
7th David Karabulut 82pts
8th Richard Holmes 72pts
9th Bailey Cunningham 60pts
10th Scott Phillips 53pts
11th Rob White 43pts
12th Irene Vasilas 36pts
13th Dean Jefferies 33pts
14th Stuart Ridgewell 30pts
15th Travis Trethowan 27pts

Pro/Am Showroom Stock Circuit
1st Zac Lo Presti 317pts
2nd Nik Pazanin 308pts
3rd Jordan Heaton 259pts
4th Luke James 168pts
5th Irene Vasilas 118pts
6th Phillip Borg 92pts
7th Sal Kreidie 82pts
8th Paul Mullens 53pts
9th Axel La Toison 48pts
10th David Williams 36pts

Amateur Limited Runabout Circuit
1st Nick Burns 300pts
2nd Mark Quitadamo 293pts
3rd Matthew Skelly 280pts
4th Sam Kajtezovic 160pts
5th Dave Vella 137pts
6th David Karabulut 91pts
7th Ashley Deadman 48pts
8th Ryan Coyle 43pts
9th Theo Vande Pitte 43pts
10th Sheldon Drummond 39pts
11th Adam Mourad 39pts
12th Jordan Heaton 36pts

Pro Limited Runabout Circuit
1st Mitch Wayt 346pts
2nd Nick Burns 320pts
3rd Brett Douglas 60pts
4th Paul Leven 48pts

Pro Modified Ski Circuit
1st Kylie Ellmers 317pts
2nd Scott Hunt 238pts
3rd Tom Aiken 113pts
4rd Mitch Masterton 96pts
5th Joel Barry 60pts
6th Byron Lewis 60pts
7th Jake Barker 53pts
8th Jett Cavanagh 53pts
9th Liam Ohalloran 48pts
10th Austin Ohalloran 43pts
11th Les Cooke 39pts

Pro GP Runabout Circuit
1st Kylie Ellmers 332pts
2nd Paul Leven 305pts
3rd Nick Burns 295pts
4th Mitch Wayt 151pts
5th Bailey Cunningham 60pts
6th James Masterton 48pts
7th Matt Brunt 43pts


Big thanks to the NSWPWC committee for all their help this season with scoring and results.