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OZPWC Forum Rules
Threads/Posts must be civil and tasteful.
Threads/posts considered to be offensive to other members, or considered as bad taste may be edited/deleted by one of the forum moderators. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters

Abusive Comments

OZPWC.COM will not tolerate insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts towards any other member of the forum. If a member does abuse another member then they will be issued a warning, along with details of why they have been warned. If a member repeats the offence, this will result in a permanent ban.

If however you feel that you have been unfairly treated, then contact a member of the Admin team, who will re-view the situation.

Post Quality
Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such. Also text-talk is not permitted on the forum. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed.

Discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed.

We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.

Although a lot of people are extremely broad-minded and will not be bothered by the use of any known swear word, there are those amongst us who find swearing unacceptable. We have a swear filter to automatically censor most common swear words, but, as it is possible to circumvent this by using similar characters, we sometimes have to manually censor some words. Obviously, some words are worse than others, but generally speaking, if a word is in the swear filter, it is deemed to be unacceptable for use on these forums.

"SPAM" (posting unsolicited advertising) is not permitted on OZPWC.COM. This includes, but is not limited to, advertorials in forum posts, sigs or text and links of an overtly commercial nature.This includes using the forum email and Private message system to Spam other members. If a member is found to promote/Spam the site with another site then they will be warned/banned. All posts will be removed.

Links in Signatures
Members are permitted to include sponsors (in text format only) in signature blocks but are prohibited from adding links to third party sites ie any site which directs traffic away from OZPWC.COM.

Any business which is not a sponsor of OZPWC is prohibited from using signature blocks to add links to third party sites ie any site which directs traffic away from OZPWC.COM.

Use of a sig for a period without complaint from us does NOT guarantee it is acceptable. Our decision on which side of the line a given link or text falls (spam or not spam) is ours alone and is not negotiable.


Discrimination is not tolerated on this forum. Discrimination can take the form of the use of specific words or phrases or can be in the form of a general attitude towards an individual or group of people. For example, making a statement that all black people are criminals is discrimination on the basis of race, is illegal and is unacceptable. Discrimination can be on the basis of race, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

General Posting Rules.
Don't jump threads - If you get involved in an argument in one thread, it's considered poor manners to restart the previous argument in the middle of an unrelated thread.

Don't spam - Post your message once, in one forum, under one topic. Multiple posts, especially across different forums, will be deleted.

Don't play games - Don't represent yourself as another person, create or use another screen name to avoid a revocation of posting privileges, misrepresent the site or your role in it, and don't misrepresent a contribution you've made.

Don't be a whiner - If you really, really find OZPWC.COM not to your liking, let us know directly, learn to live with it, or move along.

Use a public chat room, the OZPWC chat room or personal e-mail
- if you want to talk things over off site. If your posts cannot be of some benefit or interest to others but is simply a personal argument between two or more members, it doesn't belong on the message board.

Age Range
OZPWC.COM is a family forum, open to all ages; therefore posts need to be respectful. No images or URL of a pornographic nature are welcome and will be removed. Bad Language needs to be kept to a minimum. If a post is found to contain this, then moderators have the ability to edit/delete the post.

If a member is found to have multiple accounts, then these accounts may be removed or suspended.

Warnings will be issued if a member breaks these simple rules, or causes a disruption to the forum. Warnings can be issued for the following...

* Text Talk
* Short/Pointless Replies
* Off-Topic Posting
* Personal Insults
* Strong Language
* Racist Comments
* Spamming

In serious cases, a warning will not be appropriate and the account will be suspended for a period of time.

If a member has a complaint against another member/moderator/admin, or a post/thread, then contact a member of the admin team via e-mail or PM. Complaints made public on the forum will be removed. Failure to do so in the correct manner may result in you receiving a warning.

Banned Members
If a banned member wishes to return to OZPWC.COM after being away for a long period of time, then they need to send an e-mail to admin requesting permission to do so.

OZPWC.COM will do its best to attempt to keep all messages on this forum respectful and within the forum rules. While the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable.

The owners of OZPWC.COM reserve the right to edit, delete, move or close any thread for any reason.

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