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Dreaded P0106 error on RXT IS 255 - Have tried everything!
Hey team.

My name's dave. New to the forum and new to JetSki's. I've posted this issue on a few other forums looking for some guidance and advice, and thought id come here to see if anyone can help.

I apologize in advance for a fairly lengthy post. Ive scoured the internet high and low and cannot find and answer to my problem.

Im a long time boater, and long time car enthusiast. Ive rebuild many car engines (in fact full car restorations) in the past, and recently decided to try a jetski.

I bought an 09 RST IS 255 that needed a full engine rebuild. History is unknown, other than the fact that water had sat in the engine, which required a .5mm bore to remove surface rust.

I got the ski fully rebuilt, and took it for its maiden voyage about a week ago. To my amazement (because theres usually at least a water leak from a full rebuild!), the ski performed flawlessly. Not one error, not one miss.

I didn't ride it hard at all. Gave it a few little squirts to about 5000rpm, and that's as hard as I went. The ride lasted for about 2 hours. I took it home, rinsed it out, and parked it in the garage.

I left it there for about 4 days, then went out into the garage to start it. Ran into a bit of an issue, and couldn't find the key. So, I headed off to buy a new one. Brought it home and using buds (which I have) coded it up to the ski. No issues there.

I started the ski, and the RPM's jumped to about 3500. They sat there for about 7-8 seconds, before starting to settle back down (this seemed a little longer than normal). When the RPM's did settle down, the ski start coughing and spluttering. It didn't stall, but wasn't happy at all. At that point, the check engine light came on, and I got the P0106 error (Manifold pressure sensor out of range).

From here forward, its been a NIGHTMARE!. Below are my findings so far. These efforts to fix were all done in the order below, and the ski started and tested after each step.

1) I found that it actually had a leaking intercooler. I bought a new one and fitted it. - Obviously issue still there.

2) I purchased a new MAP sensor and fitted it. Didn't fix the issue.

3) I removed the inlet manifold to ensure there was no water or residue left in it. It was a little dirty inside, with a mild amount if residue and moisture. I cleaned it up, dried it out, and refitted it. - Didn't fix the issue (keep in mind I had just fitted a brand new map sensor - possibility it the new one may have been contaminated).

4) I visually inspected the inlet manifold to ensure no cracks etc. - No issues there.

5) I changed the throttle body over to another working one I have (and using buds, reset the TB position). - Issue remained.

6) I have confirmed that PIN3 (the analog voltage pin) on the MAP sensor, is outputting voltage at idle of about 1.6volts. A rev of the engine sees the voltage increase slightly, but obviously the load I can apply is limited.

7) I have disconnected both the TOPS and TAS sensors (which share the same 5V feed as the MAP sensor) to ensure no overloaded current draw from those other sensors. - No issues found.

8) For ****s and giggles, I put in new spark plugs and oil filter.

9) I have checked the fuse box to ensure everything is seated correctly with no loose connections.

10) I have remove each and every electrical plug/connector in the ski and cleaned with contact cleaner.

The oil is fine and not milky at all.

The symptoms are exactly the same each time I start the ski, with one small exception. When cold, the time it takes from the idle settling, to throwing the code and running rough seems to be a little longer (IE: when its warm, it settles straight into rough idling, whereas when its cold, it idles OK for about 5 seconds, then turns rough).

On the odd occasion, AFTER the code has been thrown, if I give the ski a rev, the check engine light will turn off, and the ski will rev quite freely. As soon as I let it come back down to idle, the code pops back up, and it runs rough again.

Im at a brick wall here guys. Im hoping someone can help out here and point me in the right direction as to what may be wrong. Melbourne is seeing some awesome weather at the moment, and the kids are super bummed!.

Thanks very much to anyone in advance that may be able to help.

A little more information.

Went out just before and hooked up buds. I wanted to see the real time manifold pressure.

With buds hooked up, I observed the manifold pressure as being about 100kpa (which is pretty much spot on atmospheric pressure - to be expected.).

[Image: ?hash=377d309cd0f09d0af4c8058355593cf2]

I then took the MAP sensor out, and blew into it with my mouth and well as sucking (sounds pretty wrong if you ask me). Sure enough I saw the manifold pressure reading within buds register what I was doing. Not much........but it did register. Seems to indicated that the MAP sensor is working OK, and that the ECU is receiving the readings (to some degree).

So then I started the ski, to see what the readings would do in buds while it was running. I simply started it and let it idle. Didn't touch the throttle at all. The check engine light you see is the Map sensor out of range fault P0106).

[Image: ?hash=377d309cd0f09d0af4c8058355593cf2]And again as expected, you can see an increase in vacuum.

Following on from that I gave the ski a few revs of around 50% throttle. Didn't really want to hit the RPM that I did......but hey, you get that. As you can see, both boost and vacuum were picked up by buds. Maybe im missing something, but this again seems to indicate that the MAP sensor is sending fairly appropriate data to the ECU?

[Image: ?hash=377d309cd0f09d0af4c8058355593cf2]

By this time, (because of all the coughing and spluttering I assume) the ski has thrown a knock sensor error, and has gone into limp mode.

So, in summary, I read from this that the sensor seems to be OK. Am I missing something here?. Does anyone have any suggestion otherwise? I totally could be misinterpreting something.

I seem to be closing in on the ECU as being the fault here, but really don't want to go out and buy another one until I've exhausted other avenues as much as I can. I don't have another one to test with, nor do I really know anyone to borrow one from.

Whats your location mate, id be inclined to take it to a proper dealer & let them have a look, might cost some $$$ but better than chasing your tail.

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