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Ski steering weird sometimes with passenger
Hey all,
I have been finding with my newly acquired Honda f12 aquatrax that when I am riding particularly with a passenger in the i sometimes find myself steering one way and the ski is sort of still heading the other direction. I have to turn a bit more aggressively to get it to 'bite in" and turn. Seems to only happen riding slowish 20-30km with a passenger, and I rekon its worse going with the tide... Im riding around golden beach in the passage it thats helps. Handles fine by myself and at speed so cant really be anything wrong im guessing.

I thought it must be something skis do? but not really sure , or something specfic to the ski... it can be a real handful going with the tide with 2 passengers. Anyone else experiance this
Speed up. Get it moving. Of course it feels strange at low speed with a passenger.

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