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Marine Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (NSW Parliament)
Marine Legislation Amendment Bill 2016

Not the direct quote, see above link for the full announcement.

The main purpose of the Marine Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 is to improve enforcement, to help protect
the safety and amenity of our waterways, and to further consolidate marine legislation.

The bill expands the objects of the Marine Safety Act "to provide an effective framework for enforcement".
It also introduces new provisions aligned with existing road safety legislation covering dangerous and menacing "hoon" behaviour by some vessel operators; camera recording and detection of serious offences such as speeding; and drug and alcohol testing, penalties and disqualification periods. A range of other improvements identified through the 2014 Review of the Marine Safety Act are also included, and the
bill further consolidates marine legislation and enables the repeal the legacy Maritime Services Act 1935.

I will now turn to the detail of the bill.

Let me say to boaters who are safe and considerate, who do not speed or menace, or unreasonably interfere with others out on the water, who maintain a safe distance, stay under the legal alcohol limit, and do not operate a boat while affected by drugs, this bill is only good news for you. This is because this bill aims to better protect you, your family and friends on the water by better targeting those who willingly break the law. Unfortunately, a rogue element of jet skiers believe the rules do not apply to them and they can do what they like on the water. They have no regard for the safety and amenity of other people—the objects of the Marine Safety Act. These riders are clearly not getting the message—slow down, keep a safe distance and show respect for other boaters and water users............

Increased patrols, additional resources, extension of speed restrictions and a complaints hotline
have been implemented, and 1,600 PWC checks were completed over summer. In excess of 400 PWC
riders failed to comply with safety regulations and were issued penalty notices or given warnings. The most
common penalty notice offences were speeding, with 98 penalty notices, irregular riding, with 76 penalty
notices; and unlicensed riding, with 36 penalty notices. Despite the efforts of manufacturers to reduce jet ski
noise emissions, 68 riders were given defect notices for illegal exhaust modifications which make the jet
skis even noisier. Around 150 complaints about jet ski rider behaviour were made to the hotline. Clearly
these are disappointing results. We have a problem and we need a more effective framework to support
enforcement, as envisaged by this bill..................
A PWC representative on Recreational Vessels Advisory Group
NSW Maritime Authority - RVAG
Sea Doo RXT-X 255hp (2008 - )
Yamaha GP800x 120hp (1999-2007)

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