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Juniors on vintage jetski's.
I have noticed a very positive "vibe" about vintage class racing.

I loved Junior class. Morgan,Megan, Luke etc, etc, had a great time and some of them went on to be champions.

However, due to the lites rules it became expensive to run a competitive ski. (not going there)

I have a thought.

Junior vintage. Lets face it. Mums and Dads pay for junior racing. You can do a 550 for between $500 to $5000.

Peanuts compared to what has been spent in the past. Affordable, would give good skills seeing that they handle like **** and bring new people into the sport.

Also good bonding times preparing the ski and teaching the youngins valuable life lessons for bugger all outlay.

Jetski racing has become ****ing expensive and beyond the reach of mums and dads.

Thoughts and opinions?
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Sounds like a good idea in theory
But no mater how much you try
Cheque book racing still happens
And watch as the price for a decent ski climbs. Happend with Vintage motocross. Used to pay a couple of hundred for an old bike. Now anything running is a couple of grand good, condition is several grand.

They are cheap because there's not a demand for them. The price will always reflect this. The supply is finite
Maybe a good way to get the class moving again.Our son started with a 440 when he was 8 and moved to a 650 after 14 months then kept moving so to speak.The junior class during 2007/10 was quite a large /competitive stand up class at National Level and took a lot of commitment from families to keep together.
Denny is right about costs.However the reality is that once riders start getting good they want to go faster and harder .IMO the big thing is to at least get juniors back out at club meets even as practice events at lunch time.The QLD Junior MSQ approvals and AJSBA junior rules have been there since 2005 .A lot of work went into setting the framework up so it would be great to see it used.

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