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stolen 04/09/15 from Lugarno, Sydney NSW
ultra300x Wrote:funny you mention this

with an aldi $5 sim exp 365days makes for cheap ins.

was just conversing with mates over them.

Yeah, that is so cheap. Got to get one of those ASAP. Would love to catch guys who steal your toys!

Spi200 Wrote:I have watched the Video a couple of times and it appears to be a well planned theft to me. Guy who walks down street is dressed in dark cloths and has sun glasses and a hoodie to hide his idendity, he also covers up very well when his mate drives past him - like he knew there was a camera around!
All I could see was that the dark car had a rear tail light out and the guy who first walks down the street looked like he had some sort of implement in his hand.
As the Ski's were brand new and you had not even been on the water yet, ask who knew that you had them? Did you post on social media with photo's. ie Facebook etc...
I expect these theifs are someone who knows someone you know and they took the opportunity to pinch them. I say this as its a quiet street and I doubt they have just stumbled across them by accident. I see Ski's parked in front yards here in the hills which would would be targeted but no one knows they are there as they are in quiet little street or deadends etc. I see them when I talk my dog for a walk.
Years ago my mate got a "state of the art stereo" for his Hilux, only his friends and work mates knew he had just purchased it. They rolled his car out of his front yard from under his bedroom window to a bit further down the street where they thne stolen the stereo and amp etc - the stereo was alway the target! He found the car down the street where they left it. His friends were pretty tight so I suspect it was one of his dodgy work mates.
Get a GPS tracker on your new ski's as they might try again and you can catch these arseholes.

Question - How did you have them stored and secured? What did they have to get past to steal them? Might be helpfull to others. ie I have trailer hitch and wheel lock only!


PS. The police have the ability to do a "tower dump" from the local cell phone towers, as you have exact time and date then this can be cross refererenced and can be determined who was in the area at only that time. It then becomes a short list of suspects and you have the details of the cars and individuals to cross reference - just a few hours work for them.
They only do this for serious crime but they may also be part of a large car\boat\ski re-birthing racket - you have exact gps and time data so ask the cops or get a friend of a freind in the cops to poke around.

Thanks for taking the time to go through the video and writing out such a detailed reply, honestly you guys on here seem like an awesome bunch, and great community to have learnt the ropes of jet skiing with.

I'm a pretty reserved guy, so I didn't post anything about them on social media. I really only told my closest friends and family about getting them. I cant begin to imagine any of the people I had told were involved in this.

You're absolutely right though, these guys didn't just "happen upon them randomly" especially since my street is a cul de sac. The police did mention that because Lugarno is such a quite area it has been targeted and a few "watercraft" robberies have occurred across the Lugarno, Oatley and Blakehurst areas in recent months and that they had some "suspects".

A couple of scenarios play in my mind as too how my skis were discovered:

1. My neighbour directly across the road from me is selling his house and has had a couple of open houses while the skis have been in the driveway. So the word could have spread from someone coming to see the house

2. Someone in the street (giving them the benefit of the doubt) just mentioned how their neighbour just bought to awesome looking jet skis thus inadvertently tipping off an unsavory friend of his to the location of my skis.

3. Its as the police suspect and its a gang cruising around the burbs looking for targets and I became a target.

The skis were secured using a number of thick chains and pad locks through the trailer axles and what not, I didnt even remember wheel clamps until after they had been stolen and I saw them on another boat trailer. Severe trailer and boat noob here!

Definitely lessons learnt..If I ever get jet skis in the future I'd definitely go for a multi prong approach to securing them.

1. Lighting: Light up your property around entrances to your property or where ever you store expensive stuff...I mean flood light those sons of bitches
2. CCTV: Get the good stuff (Bosch) make sure the infrared cameras for the night can deal with lighting over number plates and can still capture the rego details...As you can see the video quality of my footage is pretty good, but it goes to crap as soon as you try and make out the number plate details because of the lighting over the plates.
3. Data Dot your skis, nuff said and maybe even some custom decals on the skis and trailer Think hot pink Wink
4. Put a GPS tracker on your skis
5. This may be a dumb one buy a good compressor and just let the air out of your trailer tyres. Obviously with a good compressor you'll be able to pump them up again quick smart when you want to take them out for the day.

Thanks for the tip about the the telephone towers I'm going to give the coppers a call again tomorrow to see if they will do it for me.

Thanks again.
Coppers arent too interested in helping out with the getting the tower dumps....but turns out the NSW Police commissioner lives down the road, so getting in contact with him to see if he can help out.

I will keep you posted...


I hope you get them back and the thieves caught. Has anyone got reports of GPS trackers in Jet Ski's ? I would be interested in the long term reliability of them. With Salty air, I can see problems with the contacts on the SIM. There would be some Contact lube that can be bought, I am curious as to how reliable they are out of the box though.

i use one but there is no need for it to be fitted when on the water.
[SIZE=6][SIZE=5]Cool 300x take2 Cool[/SIZE]

That is better, but in my mind it has to be out of sight. If it is obvious it can be removed easily. Just thinking out loud here, the problem is you forget things or can rush them at times. ( human nature ) Alarms dont do much, because so many go off everyone ignores them. When on the water, do you go off to have a meal or drink ? or use a toilet ? Things can happen in a moment when you least expect them to. If someone knows what you have, they will cut chains and break into Garage's. I also live in a one end street, but there is a lane. Local kids come through at night and do stuff. They may also be look-outs. I have had a Car badge taken off, letterbox kicked over and front Tap turned on. A Dog is often a good thing, but there are ways around that also.


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