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Trailer bearings
pete i think its more to do with the user, as we know the products only work when used and combined correctly, marine seals a must, correct pre loads, correctly packed bearings, and if you choose correctly fitted buddies, then you should never have a problem. as you know we specialize in this area and to this day we have never had a bearing failure due to anything we have done Smile
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Sorry to revive this thread, but as we come into Summer time again, everyone needs to be checking out their trailers before heading off on long journeys. I know there was a mention of not to use Marine Grease on your wheel bearings, but I have been using Penrite Marine Grease for years with no problems.

See here:

Another question I have is how many people use marine seals which spin within the hub over the normal seals which spin on the axle.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy.
marine seals dont spin on the hub they are designed to seal the axle and seal on the stainless insert.
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Aware that the marine seals seal on the axle and the hub will spin on the seal within the insert, but I am a little sus as to how well it actually seals on the stainless insert whilst in the water. Does anyone have any further/indepth information on this and a reason as to WHY they are better than normal seals? Just interested is all.
A normal seal keeps the grease in
It will struggle to stop water coming in
A marine seal keeps the grease in
As well as working much better at stopping water getting in

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