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    Default newby that needs a hand

    hi every body 1st post hoping you can help me decide on a ski for my friend,she a female so i got the job to find one for her
    shes a single mother with 3 boys under 12, shes a great chick and me and my family take her and the boys out skiing quiet abit at windermere [freshwater]
    iv come across 2 skis
    the first is a yamaha 2010 fx ho 115 hours on the clock its advertized on gum tree grey in colour [is this imported do you think] i dont know a great deal about these things just yet as you will probley work out with all the dumb questions im going to ask downt he track
    the 2nd one is a mates brothers,its a 2012 vrx 1800cc he brought it brand new, it now has 50hrs on the clock with a genuion reason for sale,
    im leaning towards the vxr ski for her,what ive read the fx is the go but this one with the warranty sounds like a safer option for her,she wants to ski the boys and tow the tubes,
    both skis are 10k,im thinking the vrx is a no brainer mjust for peace of mind,do you think this ski will do the job
    cheers and thanks for any info
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