Hey all, haven't posted here in ages. A couple of mates and I decided we would rig up our skis and go camping, carrying everything we needed on our skis.
We launched at Kal Ma Kuta drive opposite bribie, locked our vehicles up at Spinnaker Sound Marina (cost us $40 for 3 cars and trailers for 2 nights) and headed over to the North West Zone of Moreton Island. We cruised down from the Bulwer wrecks and found a really good spot with perfect views of the beach and skis. We dropped in our Cooper anchors which held firm all night except for one who's d-shackle let go. Fortunately his ski beached itself right in front. We fished (only caught tiny throw back stuff), found a massive sting ray cruising along being trailed by a little wobbygong, got a fire going, ate good, had a few drinks and just relaxed. It was magic.
Next morning, packed our gear and headed back up to bribie, stopped in a picked up my 3 yr old son and went up to Mission Point. Same deal, set up camp, my son caught his first fish ever. Played in the water and on the beach and just had a great time. Again, left the skis anchored up over night with two skis on one anchor and they didn't move. It was an amazing weekend.

Do many of you guys do this? We're looking at doing the keppels or the whitsundays one day now.

http://youtu.be/EH6SQ7YvX3Q here's a link to a video I made of the adventure.

Cheers all.