So while the forum was down Sea-Doo announced its 2014 lineup. The Sea-Doo Spark has created some buzz and got my attention. What do you guys think?

I've been saving with the goal of buying a new Yamaha FX HO. Reason I want new is that I'm not mechanically minded enough to deal with the potential problems with a used ski. I wanted something large, something good for cruising and something that can handle the ocean, because I plan to do a lot of riding there.

However, the Spark has got me reassessing things. Australian pricing is between $6999 for the 2-up 60HP, and $8869 for the 3-up 90hp engine.

So I could get into the sport for a whole lot cheaper than I first envisaged and still have a new ski with a 1-year warranty.

It won't do the things I first thought, perhaps, like ocean cruising, but I could go this path, see if I actually enjoy it and look at something more powerful a couple years down the track.

I can stick to rivers and lakes for a couple years maybe.

Interested in what you guys who have been around skis for a while think about the Spark...