Yamaha introduces the 2012 WaveRunners

Yamaha Motor Australia is proud to introduce the new 2012 WaveRunner line up. Featuring a wide selection of class leading watercraft, the 2012 WaveRunner range has models to cater for all types of riders and water sport enthusiasts.  With such a diverse range on offer, Yamaha’s 2012 models are sure to deliver the performance and features Australian riders crave and enjoy.

The biggest development in the 2012 range is the introduction of a redesigned FX series. Defined as Yamaha’s “Luxury Performance” flagship models, the FX series has always delivered the kind of quality and performance that is synonymous with the Yamaha brand.  In 2012, the FX line has been refined even further with a completely redesigned hull and deck, improving the ride quality as well as the functionality and versatility of the craft as a whole.

Increased hull length of 19cm and softer outside edge design improves both straight line ride and handling. Enhancements to rider features such as new three person stadium seating – raised seating positions for passengers allowing them to see forward past the driver, increased storage and enlarged swim platform make all the things people love about the current version of this craft even better.

2012 Yamaha FX SHO

The FX series comes in 4 models, the supercharged FX Cruiser SHO and FX SHO and non supercharged models FX Cruiser HO and FX HO, catering for different riding styles and motivations. The new FX series will be available in March 2012.

Yamaha’s high performance muscle craft, the FZS, returns in 2012 with the same race inspired attitude that has made it the weapon of choice for riders who crave extreme performance.  Powered by Yamaha’s Supercharged 1.8 litre marine engine, the largest PWC engine on the market, the FZS delivers awesome hole shot performance and exciting handling. The Yamaha FZS is the only performance PWC that is optimised to run on 91 ULP, a saving every time you pull up at the bowser. In 2012 the FZS will be available in two colour options, velocity yellow and electric green, and replaces the two seater version FZR which has been discontinued i n the Australian market.

Yamaha’s VX series continues to please both entry level customers and customers looking for a great value performance package. One craft that fits squarely into the value performance category is the Yamaha VX18R. Sharing the smaller VX hull design, built from Yamaha’s super light weight NanoXcel material, and powered by Yamaha’s big capacity 1.8 litre engine, the Yamaha VX18R provides the kind of performance usually expected in bigger supercharged craft but at a much lower price tag. Having the advantage of being both the lightest and powered by the biggest engine in its class allows the VX18R to deliver power and handling that is truly astounding.

For the rider who wants simplicity Yamaha’s VX1100 series answers the call. The VX1100 range offers all the best bits about owning a WaveRunner in a great value and easy to use package. The VX series is available in three models, the VX Sport, VX Deluxe and VX Cruiser. These three models are all powered by Yamaha’s 1052cc engine which is actually a marinised version of the engine found in Yamaha’s all conquering R1 Supersport motorcycle.

The VX Sports model is a “just add water” package, a quick and agile performer. The VX Deluxe has some extra refinements such as reverse and a remote immobiliser for extra security while the VX Cruiser has all the features of the Deluxe model but with the added comfort of a high back cruiser seat. Match these features with sharp looks, great handling and the best fuel economy in its class and it’s easy to see why these models are so popular in the Australian market.

In the age of high performance three seat personal watercraft it’s easy to forget that the modern PWC evolved from the humble “stand up” style watercraft. Far from being outdated, this style of riding is experiencing rejuvenated popularity driven by a world wide obsession with freestyle riding and competition.

2012 Yamaha Superjet

Yamaha’s SuperJet has under gone continued development over recent years improving stability, agility and increasing acceleration. With a more physically demanding style of riding and the ability to carve and bank into turns the SuperJet is the perfect craft for riders who crave a challenging and exciting ride.

While other manufacturers have pulled out of the stand up segment in recent times, Yamaha is committed to continuing in this market for many more years to come. With a sharp new paint job and decals in 2012 the Yamaha SuperJet looking striking and is an exciting way to hit the water this summer.