Tipplers Tavern – please support the heritage listing application

Tipplers Tavern – please support the heritage listing application

Notice of Supporters meeting – A CALL TO ARMS! 

When: this Tuesday 5:30 pm 20 March 2012

Where: Gold Coast Boat Sales – Runaway Bay Marina, Bayview Street Runaway Bay.

Agenda: Elect new office bearers – plan public lobby actions prior to council election

“People power has kept the Tavern standing – now time for the final effort”

Please support the Heritage Listing application

It has now been more than three years since Tipplers closed with the Gold Coast City Council proclaiming that they had saved Tipplers from “imminent over development” and “alcohol related anti-social behaviour”.

In its place was to be a “people’s park” according to Councillor Grant Pforr and it was to be an alcohol free zone.

Under the weight of the following public protest, council continually gave ground: first a wet area then a restaurant and now talk of a bar and on Nine Local News it was stated that GCCC was getting on with work on the new Tipplers Tavern.  Sounds good but it is all smoke and mirrors.

Council’s plans don’t give Tipplers back as people are expecting.

The imminent destruction of the Tavern Building has been saved by lodging an 11th hour Heritage Listing application which has been accepted by the Department of Environment Resource Management for processing. See the application details at the following link:


File size is 13 megabyte.

On 2nd March, the above advertisement was advertised in the Courier Mail and the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Nine Local News reported that work is starting on the “new Tipplers Tavern”.  A misleading statement because it is the Tradewinds Building that is being converted into a restaurant, not the Tipplers Tavern building and the capacity will not be sufficient to handle the patronage of times gone by.

Ratepayers will most likely still have to subsidise the cost of GCCC being at Tipplers.

The conversion of Tradewinds takes away a building that could have been used for marine events, marine training and community arts activity.

The Marine Action Group put forward a proposal for the Tipplers Foundation to be set up to operate the precinct on a “Not for Profit” basis and to put the proceeds back into improving the facilities and to support a range of community and educational initiatives.

Link for the Tipplers Foundation proposal is:



Plans were developed for new historical displays, community arts activities and Aboriginal tourism and educational attractions.

Most important of all, the old ambience of the Tipplers Tavern was to be regained through the refurbishment of the iconic and culturally significant Tipplers Tavern building.

A large group of people have fought this dysfunctional council continually for the the last two and a half years and we have not let them beat us despite their unsavoury tactics and determination to get their way at any cost – particularly the cost to ratepayers.   On occasions we have had to endure personal and bitter attacks along with misleading statements often carried over into the press.

If you want the Tipplers Tavern to have the best chance of being saved from destruction by the Gold Coast City Council, then please make your own submission.

In your own words, please express why Tipplers was important to you. Please include photographs if you have them.

Keith Douglas prepared the Heritage Listing Application and Amanda Lake made some valuable contributions. We appreciate their efforts for without them the council bulldozers could not have been stopped. Comments from Amanda are below.

Democracy at work

Many of us are disgusted at the council’s performance over Tipplers, its governance of the city and contempt for community will. These council shortcomings have motivated a number of us to get involved in the council elections to bring about long overdue reform.

Mayoral candidate, Keith Douglas is determined to win so that the people’s vision for Tipplers can be guaranteed. Keith initiated the movement to save Tipplers by bringing together the community based Marine Action Group in 2009.

MAG spokesperson, David White who is contesting division 3 said “I will be stepping down as MAG spokesman next week to work full time on unseating Grant Pforr who has been dogmatic in his efforts to demolish the Tipplers Tavern and what it represents. If he thinks his actions are supported by the boating public and ratepayers, he is grossly mistaken.”

Division 5 candidate Bob Janssen who played a significant role in the public campaign to save Tipplers as President of Combined Chamber of Commerce said “Tipplers is more than just a building, it is part of our city’s history that has strong emotional ties for the tens of thousands who visited it for over 40 years. Council’s arrogance and contempt in ignoring public opinion on this issue is just the tip of the iceberg in the way it governs our city. We must ensure that the community is faithfully represented and maintains its right to voice its expectations and be heard.”

Keith Douglas – founder and Past President of MAG
Tel no: 0419 650 091
Email: keith@goldcoastmayor.com
Website: www.goldcoastmayor.com

Contesting three sitting councillors, Susie Douglas, Peter Young and Eddy Sarroff – none of who were prepared to put fprward a recission motion to stop the demolition of Tipplers Tavern.

Tom Tate’s policy is just as bad. See for yourself at the following link:

Tom Tate’s out of touch Tipplers policy

George Frame’s expert opinion – click here to read


Division 3
David White – current President of MAG
Tel no: 0412 752 928
Email: davidewhite@bigpond.com

Contesting the sitting councillor – Grant Pforr (boo hiss)


Division 4
Amanda Lake: “Our Tipplers” facebook site operator
Tel no: 0425 678 789
Website: www.amandalake.com.au

Amanda is contesting the sitting councillor Margaret Grummitt who has been excusing herself from voting on Tipplers because of a ‘Material Personal Interest’. Her husband’s firm is engaged as part of what is believed to be works to the value of $750,000 that GCCC is spending on the MCU ‘Material Change of Use’ planning approvals process currently underway to secure Council’s Plans for the Tipplers site under town planning regulations. None of these Tipplers plans have been endorsed by any real community consultation. Democracy at work?

Consequently, Division 4 voters have been unrepresented on Tipplers decisions.

Division 5
Bob Janssen – comittee member and Past President of the Combined Chamber of Commerce
Tel no: 0411 741 552
Website: www.bobjanssen.com

Contesting new candidates after Peter Young vacated the councillor position to run for mayor.

Best regards,

David White – President – Marine Action Group M: 0412 752 928





We are fighting to save Tipplers Tavern from demolition, and at present we have a window of opportunity as there is a Heritage Assessment open till 30th March for people to submit reason’s / memories / submissions to retain the historic ‘Tipplers Tavern’ building.

The heritage component was NEVER investigated by GCCC when developing their plans for the Tipplers precinct, although the GCCC Heritage team recommended that this be investigated way back in May 2009.

Fortunately, due to this Heritage Assessment now underway, we have a small window of opportunity to allow this information about Tippler’s heritage value to be conveyed.

If you, or anyone else that you know, would like to contribute to this heritage submission – in the hope of ‘Saving Tipplers’ it would be most appreciated.

Could you please pass this email on if at all possible to anyone who may be concerned about Saving Tipplers.

Thanks in advance,

Amanda Lake
‘Our Tipplers’ on facebook
0425 678 789

Attached pdf = independent Hutchinsons report on the viability of refurbishing Tipplers.



A Heritage Assessment has now been approved at a State level with the process formally underway to enter the ‘Tipplers Tavern’ onto the State Heritage list. This puts pause to GCCC’s current plans to demolish the much loved Tipplers Tavern Building. This Heritage Assessment process is now ‘out of government hands’ through the State Heritage Council.

Advertisements ran in the Public Notices section of Friday’s 2nd March Gold Coast Bulletin, & Brisbane papers – calling for ‘Any person’ to submit their views on the cultural value of Tipplers. One of the State Heritage criteria that strongly supports Tipplers’ entry onto this registrar is:

” the place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.”

Mike O’Dell (who built Tipplers) believes that the destination and building that has affectionately been known to Gold Coasters & visitors for the past 40 years as “Tipplers” is particularly valuable to the community as a social destination. Mike says that ‘”Tipplers’ needs to be protected and refurbished so that people can continue to enjoy this place and the valuable social experiences that a visit to Tipplers offers”.

I believe that if the ‘Tipplers Tavern’ is able to obtain HERITAGE STATUS then ‘TIPPLERS’ will be able to access FEDERAL FUNDING via existing Heritage Grants programs (as has been done with one of my previous projects – the Heritage Listed Main Beach Bathing Pavilion – that is currently under refurbishment/construction. That project received $400k in 2011 of federal funding via Federal ‘Historic Sites’ National Program).”

It is does not appear that the Gold Coast City Council ever carried out a detailed heritage assessment of the Tipplers Tavern building, despite recommendations from the GCCC Heritage Unit in early 2009 to engage an historian to undertake these works. This is disrespectful to all members of the community who loudly & clearly voiced their desire to retain & refurbish ‘Tipplers’, through letters to the editor, surveys, placarding & even GCCC’s own community consultation (that showed only about 20% community support for Councils plans that included the demolition of the ‘Tipplers Tavern’ building). Further to this Gold Coast City Council’s own heritage criteria gives value to what is considered: “A socially important place”. Yet GCCC failed in its duty of care to all visitors to this island hideaway by failing to conduct due diligence in this respect.

Fortunately we have a chance NOW to take this process “Out of Government Hands” – to instead be assessed by the Queensland Heritage Council.

This Heritage Listing application provides a fantastic opportunity to restore this icon to its former glory, and return it as a destination that has been loved by visitors and residents of the Gold Coast for the past 40 years. An outcome worth fighting for.

Written submissions quoting the Heritage Reference #: 602799 MUST be received by 30th March 2012, & should be lodged with:

The Site Registrar, Heritage Branch
Department of Environment and Resource Management
GPO Box 2454


Amanda Lake
0425 678 789
‘Our Tipplers’ on facebook